Logitech Squeezebox Radio, Touch Welcome Spotify to the U.S.

Logitech announced earlier this year that we had joined forces with Spotify to support the popular digital music service on the Logitech® Squeezebox™ Wi-Fi music players. Today, we are delighted to extend this great experience to more Squeezebox users as Spotify comes to the U.S.

Spotify provides on-demand access to whatever music you want, whenever and wherever you want it, through both free-to-the-user and paid subscription offers. Using your existing wireless home network and your Squeezebox Touch or Squeezebox Radio player, music lovers in the U.S. can now access Spotify’s comprehensive catalogue of more than 15 million songs anywhere in your home.

To enjoy Spotify on your Squeezebox Touch or Squeezebox Radio, all you’ll need is a Spotify Premium subscription, giving you unlimited, ad-free access to Spotify’s entire music library and access to exclusive content, competitions and special offers.

Spotify is also available in 7 European countries: Finland, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the U.K. – and Logitech Squeezebox players work there with the service too!

For more information, visit mysqueezebox.com/spotify.


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  • I purchased a Logitech Revue when they first came out. I’m a bit disappointed that they haven’t been any new apps for the device to date. Will you be bringing Spotify to the Revue as well?

    • It will be up to Spotify if they want to release an app to the Andriod Market for Google TV. If they do, the app will be available on the Logitech Revue.

  • Why are older devices Boom, Duet not supported? Because Logitech has excess inventory of Touch and Radio, obviously. I wonder if older Sonos devices support Spotify?

  • Will there be support for the duet and/or boom? Please?

    Will it be controllable through the smartphone apps?

  • Ummm… ok… no support for Squeezebox Classic, the Boom, or even the DUET??!!!! Pathetic. I’ll stick with Rhapsody, thank you.

    • At this time, Spotify is only compatible with the Squeezebox Touch and Squeezebox Radio music players. Unfortunately the squeezebox Boom, Duet and earlier players don’t have the library that decodes the Spotify stream.

      We apologize for this inconvenience.

  • Right now, Spotify shows me the top tracks for Sweden and not the US in my Squeezebox radio. Thoughts?

  • Exactly the info I was looking for. Disappointed. Will not be moving to Spotify soon.

  • So, if I have a duet, and a radio, can I play spotify through the radio, and sync the duet to the radio so it plays through the duet as well?

  • I have had a Duet for 2 years. It does what is advertised, but with some drawbacks. First is that it is a bit buggy and the performance of the controller can be slow. Second is that you need a dedicated controller, which is just another device to lug around and the UI is pretty clunky. Finally, the Duet server never lets my iMac go to sleep. For these reasons and for Spotify support I will be selling my Duet and moving to Sonos.

    I hope these feedback is helpful.


  • Boo for not making compatible with Duet! Especially annoying is that Duet will install the Spotify player app, allow you to login to you Spotify account, search, hit play – but, then, wait – no music! Misleading and lame! What would be so hard about updating the software to actually play the stream?

  • Another for Duet or BOOM. Sucks i enjoy my squeezeboxes but come on support your older models.

  • I’m with Steve Nielsen and put in my vote that Spotify will release for Logitech Revue (/Android).

  • So what don’t you throw together a firmware update for Squeezebox Classic, Duet, et. al. so that they can decode the Spotify Stream without the server running on a PC (i.e. using a 3rd party plugin)? Are guys aware of the outrage that is being proliferated across the internet by U.S. Sqeezebox Classic owners?

    Come on Logitech, don’t make me jump horses mid-stream! I’ve been with you since the beginning, but if this is your idea of supporting what you bought from SlimDevices, then it will be a tearless departure.

    And please don’t insult my intelligence by suggesting that this is somehow Spotify’s problem. It is a firmware update to your product that needs to be preformed, and therefore it is Logitech that is unequivocally in the best position to author and push the firmware update. Spotify has said as much in their own forums.

  • I have a Boom and Radio. I keep these synced all the time but now that I have Spotify access, I have to turn off the Boom to listen to it. Please add support for the Boom. The sound is much better than on the Radio.

    I also give another vote for the Revue.

  • There is a third party app that allows all the Squeezebox players (included Duet, Bomm etc..) to play Spotify through the Squeezebox server software.

    You can enable it from the third party plugins in the Squeezebox server settings.
    There is also a thread about it on the forums.slimdevices.com site.

    The only drawback obviously is that you have to leave your pc/mac on while playing Spotify on your squeezebox the same way as you would to play music tracks stored on there, as you need the Squeezebox server to run, while the official app lets you play Spotify on your radio and Touch directly through the official Spotify app.

  • It is pathetic that a company as big as Logitech will not invest to keep its older players compatible with newer services. Certainly limits my desire to invest more in Squeezebox kit and certainly makes Sonos worth a look.

  • EW, the older players don’t have enough power and space left to handle the decoding of the spotify stream that’s why the app only functions with the radio and touch as they run on a different newer and faster platform.

    The third party sbs app works with the older players as it’s using the pc/mac to handle the decoding..

  • I have 3 Booms and a duet with two receivers, and I cannot get Spotify. To me this seems unreasonable and just lazy that Logitech will not support these devices which are not ancient. I love my Booms and they are on probably 8 hours a day while I work and drift off to sleep. Having these expensive devices being thrown to the wayside is like having a car you cannot put gasoline into. Logitech it is not only a request but it is an issue of being responsible in supporting your devices.

  • Another Squeezebox Boom owner here, and I completely agree with the other comments. If Logitech’s products only stay up to date for a year or two, I will certainly not invest in another one. Will definitely migrate to Sonos if this is not solved in the next few weeks.

    I hope Logitech realizes that penalizing early adopters cannot end well. We are the ones who were willing to test something new and pay a lot for it. Likely, we will do the same the next time an interesting area opens up, and then we will be choosing between Logitech and other companies…

    • Hi Mark and Epcot,
      We’re currently focusing on the experience provided on our Squeezebox Radio and Squeezebox Touch. We appreciate the importance of our installed base of previous players including Squeezebox Duet and Squeezebox Boom, but can’t currently offer a satisfactory solution due to the strict regulations on music file streaming. Because this matter is dependent on multiple parties in addition to legal regulations, we unfortunately can not provide more details at this time.

      In addition, the Squeezebox Duet and Squeezebox Boom players do not have enough power and space left to handle the decoding of the Spotify stream.


  • Yet another BOOM owner upset with the lack of Spotify support. I urge you to seriously consider my threat to jump shit to Sonos. I have only been adequately satisfied with Logitech thus far and it would not take much for me to switch to your competitor.

  • Pleasing an installed base is crucial to the success of your business, especially considering that Spotify is supported on older Sonos versions. It is easier to convert users to another family of devices from an existing base rather than searching out for new ones.

  • I agree with all regarding support for the Duet. This is incredibly disappointing. I was so excited to get Spotify and come now to find out I cannot stream throughout my house! I will be forced to move to a new solution if this is not fixed.

  • I own the Boom and have been waiting for support for Rdio to no avail. Today, I got access to Spotify and was frankly disappointed that Boom is not supported. I think Logitech should offer a firmware upgrade to support both of these services.

  • Dear all

    I live in England and use Triodes excellent app to stream Spotify to Boom and Classic. Maybe better than official app! Needs PC on though or MAC.

    Give it a try and don’t join the Sonos brigade. US Logitech need to shout this more.



  • I currently have 2 Boom’s and am very disappointed that Spotify will not be supported. I am searching out a new music service that must allow streaming to the Boom’s without requiring the SBServer. I had been using Napster but would like a different music service due to issues I have had with Napster. Spotify seemed like a perfect fit. If “the Squeezebox Duet and Squeezebox Boom players do not have enough power and space left to handle the decoding of the Spotify stream”, then is it possible to create separate firmware that EXCLUDES some services (say Napster) that will make room for Spotify. If not, what POWER is required versus other streams like Napster.

  • I agree that Triode’s Spotify plug in is a good solution for Duet and older Squeebox model owners. I think it works well. The downside is your Mac or PC must be turned on as other commenters have indicated. One interesting thing I note is if I’m listening through the headphone jack on my Duet remote (ie using the remote as my receiver) that I can stream Spotify with the native app and without having to turn my computer on. So don’t know why this works but cannot stream Spotify to any of my three receivers using the native app. But as I do a lot of headphone listening at home this works well and in A-B-C comparisons using the Duet remote produces better sound quality than using my ipod touch or android phone. I tested all three using the Spotify app the same set of headphones (a pair of Westone ES2 custom in ear monitors) and i streamed three different songs but streamed each song on the three platforms and hands down the Duet remote sounded the best on each of the three songs (one classical one jazz and one rock song)

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