Music Just Got Smarter with Logitech UE

What better way to get all of the juicy details on gifts from Logitech this season than to host a show and tell marketing meeting? As in, they show, and I tell all of you the inside scoop! T’was a genius idea, even for a bold and scheming tech blogger as myself. My next Chief Holiday Officer mission was all about uncovering the latest and greatest gadgets designed to bring power to your music – Logitech UE.

First to be presented at the show and tell was the Logitech UE Smart Radio, a device that discovers even more than me! The Logitech UE Smart Radio combines the simplicity of radio with the power of the Internet to deliver instant access to free Internet radio stations from around the world, online services like Pandora® and Spotify®, even the music stored on your computer. This thing makes it so simple to control and discover music from your smartphone, computer or tablet!

After the show and tell, I took – err, managed to stuff an extra one in my holiday gift sack – so if you’re a music lover and like one for yourself, vote for the Logitech UE Smart Radio (or another favorite Logitech product) on Facebook for a chance to win it today!


Chief Holiday Officer


  • Here’s what I would love to see from Logitech ..and you are soooo close.

    I’d like to buy wireless speakers that I can control with my smartphone and push internet radio, my music and apps…just like the smart radio. However, I would like a range of speakers that are each 802.11 (but no bridge required like Sonos) and each ranging in size and power. Small one for the bathroom, large beast for my living room, etc.

    I love logitech products and love my squeezebox. The only way currently to accomplish what I’d like to do is buy a smart radio for each room. The sound is good, but what about when I need BIGGER SOUND for parties? I wanna rock the house!


    hmmm…what if the new line of UE boomboxes were 802.11 and could be controlled by the app! That would be PERFECT!!!

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