A Music Lover’s Main Squeeze? The Logitech Squeezebox.

There’s a reason why Squeezebox owners spend more than three times as much time listening to their Squeezebox than alternative music devices at home. The Logitech Squeezebox has always been a great choice for an all-in-one music player, but did you know we’re continuing to improve our Squeezebox to ensure the experience is even smoother?

For example, in the last year, we’ve been working with Spotify and MOG to give people even more music choice at their fingertips. Our MOG integration is unique thanks to their latest features like “Inspired by your friends,” which puts you in touch with your social network preferences. Plus, the Squeezebox Controller app allows you to control your music on one or more Squeezebox players from the comfort of your sofa – all via your iOS or Android tablet or smartphone.

Squeezebox can even make waking up to your favorite tune or station less of a chore so no more excuses, rise and shine! Plus, the capabilities that you have come to know and love – such as the ability to listen to your favorite local or international station regardless of their location – are just as great as ever. No wonder on average people listen to their Squeezebox more than 35 hours a week!

Let us know what your favorite Squeezebox feature is in the comments!


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  • I go into Squeezebox withdrawals at work because the company blocked all streaming services. I would like to see it easier to use when on the road. I’ve beat up on hotel IT professionals at my regular stops so much that they just gave my MAC address a free pass onto the system.

  • Hello,
    I’m not an owner of the Squeezebox Touch, but I’m expecting to buy one. However I’m waiting for an updgrade. Squeezebox Touch 2 ?
    Indeed : I don’t like the size of the screen and its integration in the box : a little bit too small, not well integrated in the frame. Looks cheap,.the design could be improved. And people say the screen is not as sensitive as the Ipod’s.

    What I like (on the paper) : the internal DAC which is said to be very good for the price.
    What kind of usage I will have : access to a library of FLAC files located on a hard disk, via a small NAS.
    I want something light, fast, audiophile, silent, open and ergonomic with a low power consumption.
    Additionnally, I may have in the future a Quobuz subscription for streaming. I want it to be easily accessible via the squeezebox.
    The abitlty to remote control the box with an Android smartphone is a plus.

    Of course, I accept the price to be a little bit higher for all of that (up to 30%)

    Thank you

  • I have two Touch’s and love them. What I would really like to see is a Touch for Cars. Basically, the same hardware, with software optimized to work in an automobile. That way I could put some of my existing music on an SD card or USB thumb drive, and listen to it while driving, without having to transcode down to some lossy format.

    The things that keeps a Touch from being usable in a car are:
    – on power up, if it can’t connect to a wireless network, makes you ‘Press OK to continue’
    – if using the built in server (SD or USB), requires a rescan on every power up (very slow)

    So, a new version that would start playing immediately upon powering up without having to touch anything would be great.

    It would be a real bonus (but not required) to be able to connect wirelessly (when available) and start downloading music to the SD or USB card. When finished, the Touch could automatically power down. I can imagine coming home, parking in front of my house, deleting a couple of albums I just listened to, scanning LMS for some more music to load, selecting a dozen albums, starting the download, and then just walking away and having everything ready the next time I head out for a drive.

    I have been waiting for head unit manufacturers to add FLAC (or WMA Lossless) support, but none of them seem to be stepping up. I see enough people asking about this that there must be a decent market for it (especially if it’s just firmware changes). Those features are also geneally usable, so you don’t even need a separate SKU (but do start advertising ‘Car Ready’).

    Honestly, with 32 GB SD cards being sold in the check-out lines at the supermarket, do we really still need to suffer with lossy audio?


  • Please continue to produce this product. I currently own 3 Squeezebox Touches, a Duet, 2 Squeezebox Classics, a Squeezebox 3, a Squeezebox 2 and an original SLIMp3 player. This is BY FAR the best streaming music player out there. Hands down. It is especially nice that you make the Touch support high bitrate music (96/24), something that few others do (Sonos).

    I will continue to buy/upgrade as long as you continue to make them.

  • I have a Transporter, 4 Touch units, 2 radio units, 2 boom units, and an older SB3 and Duet Reciever currently not being used (replaced with TOUCH units). And I’ve recommended units to family and friends and they use as well. These are marvelous pieces of low-cost, high value audio equipment. I have over 70,000 tracks at my fingertips, and thousands of internet radio stations. I also use MOG and SiriusXM apps to access those services. I can listen to the same thing throughout the house or different things in each room. Touch and Transporter are high quality (handle 24/96 hi-res FLAC files among other type audio files).

    Of course we can always see improvements in software and hardware, but all-in-all, we use these devices probably 8 hours per day, year in and year out and couldn’t be more pleased with the system.

  • I had been looking for something like the Touch for a few yrs when I discovered it. I did a fair amount of research on the unofficial forum as to the setup and organization of my music library. At first I ran it w a USB drive attached directly. Now I run it w a network and am much happier that way.

    Although I do not do so, many people use a tablet to control it or a smart phone. To me the size of the display is not an issue. It is a well made very flexible product.

    Bought a 2nd unit last spring. Keep up the good work !

  • I’m totally in love with my SB Touch and (2) Radios! These gadgets are in constant use around the house, delivering music everywhere. After having a very poor experience with a competitors product, I was delighted to find my Logitech SB’s so easy to use and reliable in operation. I like their design and styling. Compared to other products I looked at, the SB’s were of much better quality. I expect they will continue to provide me with years of enjoyment. My thanks to Logitech for making them.

  • (Long time user since 2005)

    Given how it’s easy to control the players from devices such as the SB Controller and various smartphone apps, the actual players lend themselves to being bundled away out of site. The old SB Receiver was a good idea, but some people seemed to have a few problems getting it working well (although mine works just fine).

    Don’t let that experience put you off. The player lineup deserves another “barebones” device with no screen that can be bundled into a closet/attic/whatever. It could even be caseless. Have you ever considered selling the motherboards on their own for inclusion into a hidden installation?

  • Don’t forget that the Logitech Media Server also makes it possible to enjoy your music wherever you go without even a hint of a “cloud.”

  • I love my squeezebox touch, which I plan to set up in my cabin (without wifi or a server running squeezebox) playing music off a mypassport usbdisk. I have struggled more than a week to get the thing to function; finally found out that the combination of a usb-hub (to power the drive) and deleting artwork on the drive lead to success.

    I hope logitech will keep up the squeezebox innovation, and that you will provide an option for TinySB not to rescan the drive after a power-off. Such an option would make TinySB useful for most people!

    Steinar Calrsen

  • I own 5 squeezeboxes and I have never listened to so much music since I bought my first. It is a great music source. Thanks Logitech

  • I love my Squeezebox Radio and I love I can make playlist mixed with both Mp3-music and music from Spotify in it! 🙂

    But I want a Squeezebox Boom 2. Is anything on the horizon?

  • I love the Squeezebox range. Such a fantastically versatile set of devices. I currently own three and I am also hoping for a new addition.

    please don’t give up on the squeezebox line – with a bit of a marketing effort you could wipe the floor with your competition.


  • Just a quck note from a user … 35 hours is underplaying it – these things are additictive – one became four quickly and we all listen to music/ radio/ audiobooks/ podcasts from the time we get up until we go to bed.

    There are only two downsides I can think of… I now spend far more money on music and secondly, my five year-old has worked out how to play “Bat Out of Hell” and does so continuously …

  • What do I like most?
    – The possibility to listen to my music in every room without worrying where the music is stored.
    – Listen to radio stations that I cannot receive on the radio.
    – Synchronising the players (and this status is stored even if I switch off the players) so that I can wander through my flat listening to my favourite songs.
    – Even my wife can handle it 😉
    – Adding plugins to my installation that e.g. makes it even easier to find any song I’d like to listen to.

  • I’ve been a using Squeezebox system since 2005. In the mean time I have a SB3, an SB Boom, and SB Radio and a SB Touch. All of them are operational and in use in different rooms. What I like about Squeezebox is the ecosystem. They can be easily synchronized so that the same tunes are played in different rooms. That combined with the unique user friendliness of the system makes it my preferred streaming system in the market. The iPeng and SqueezePad remotes complete the SB system and are a must for SB users. I have used Sonos for a couple of months but that system comes nowhere near the user experience I get from Squeezebox. Sure hope Logitech will continue the SB lineup. I first would like to see a successor for the SB Boom because that is really lacking in the lineup today. And as a second request I would like to see more LMS integrated players like the ‘old’ generation players. The fact that all configuration is done through LMS instead of on the players eases setup and configuration maintenance.

  • Please excuse this vent but I would just like to say “thank you” to the developers of these Squeezebox players and to the developer of the Ipeng remote. Never have I been able to enjoy so much beautiful quality-sounding music so conveniently placed at my fingertips. As I sit here in a light rain after planting a few flowers to add to the beauty of this day , listening to a piece by Debussey I just find myself very lucky and so appreciative. Also for those on this forum who helped me understand the Squeeze system and still do come to the rescue to answer questions. Logitech provides a very complex but quality product. Many things have to harmonize.

    So, thanks for letting me vent like this every once in a while. I have a special feeling sitting here in the drizzle… Just me and Claude and the birds.

  • Hi I have two Squeezeboxes, a Touch and a Receiver, I love them both and I hope the online services are offered for many years to come. I will also purchase a new touch when I move home.

    thanks for a great product.

  • I’ve been a longtime Squeezebox user, and have three of them so far! I love my Squeezebox Boom, and hope that a new player with the same great sound quality, but the newer features of the Radio and Touch, comes to be soon! I would also love to see some integration with Google Music and/or Amazon’s cloud service also… MP3Tunes just doesn’t cut it.

    Keep up the great work on these wonderful devices!!!

  • I am so happy that it seems Logitech will continue to develop and support the Squeezebox line. I don’t know ow what I’d do without it. The line is a great set of kit, and indispensable in my house.


  • Favorite feature? It’s hard to narrow it down to only one. Not really a feature, but the active user community at http://forums.slimdevices.com is a huge reason I remain loyal to the squeezebox product line. That, and the availability of a variety of products. Well, at the moment the variety is a bit limited (Boom, Duet, and Classic are discontinued), but hopefully that will change.

    The ability to sync any and all players together to provide a multi-room capability is really cool. It’s also great the I can run the squeezebox server in Linux! Linux support has been and continues to be really strong.

    My #1 favorite feature is gapless playback supported in both LAME mp3 and FLAC format. In this day in age, gapless playback should not be an issue, but on many other devices it is. The squeezebox has been commited to this feature since the early days (pre Logitech).

    Logitech – please keep the support of the Squeezebox going, with both the community and new products (a new Boom with a color touchscreen would be really cool!).

  • I have a Boom, 2 Radios, a Touch and an SB3. They are now the only music sources in my house. Couldn’t live without them – I love the fact that my whole music collection is so accessible. I also love that the devices are all so different in character and purpose, but can all be synced to play the same music throughout the house, and can all be controlled from wherever I am in the house using my phone.

    Like others have requested, a Boom II, with the sound quality of the original Boom, the battery of the Radio, the touchscreen of the Touch and a digital out, would be a killer product. I can see a market for a Receiver II (perhaps with a web setup page), and I also like the idea of a Squeezebox motherboard kit option, for DIYers. There’s plenty of scope for reinvigorating this product line and taking over the world!

  • I have all models except for the Transporter, currently the limitation is that I’m running out of new rooms to put these lovely devices in, so I either need to get a bigger place or Logitech need to start producing some new models so I can justify replacing some of the old ones.

    With regards to features, the favorite one would be the support for third party plugins/applets including the extremely helpful user community at http://forums.slimdevices.com.

    Except for this, I think the strengths of the Squeezebox are:
    – Audio quality and audio format support.
    – Easy access to music in every room where you have a Squeezebox and the availability of several models to make them fit all kind of rooms, this was actually even better before when the Boom (stereo), Duet (headless + cheap) and Transporter (audiophile) was sold.
    – Support for multiple server platforms (Windows, Linux, OSX, mysqueezebox.com), making it fit all type of environments.
    – Support for large libraries.
    – Support for online streaming services.

    My feeling is that the biggest limitations at the moment are:
    – Lack of marketing, Logitech would be able to sell a lot more Squeezebox devices with some real marketing.
    – Complexity/issues during initial configuration and network setup.

  • The Squeezebox is amazing and the best value and flexible multiroom solution available. However they need a major rebrand. Completely drop the name ‘Logitech’ from the device and marketing and relaunch as a completely standalone brand, with a dedicated Squeezebox.com site and no association to Logitech at all. That’s the only way HiFi enthusiasts will start showing an interest again. I know it’s more complicated than that, some proper investment would help too, but seriously Logitech; you are a great brand (well you bought some great brands; Harmony, Ultimate ears et al) but you are in no way cool, interesting or synonymous with high quality audio equipment. Sorry, but a product as good as this deserves to do much better and the marketing is very poor.

  • Having used PCs for music playback for so many years, with my new Touch and Radio I love having instant access to my music (instant power on) as well as trouble-free access to all the online services.

    Since others are making requests, I use my Touch in a media cabinet with a remote control exclusively so I would really like either a Touch with a bigger (non-touch) screen or some kind of Receiver-like device with video output for a small external monitor.

  • I own a Boom, SB3, and two duets (soon to add a SBT). I absolutely love my squeezeboxes! My favorite feature is gapless playback supported in both LAME mp3 and FLAC format. I also really love the ability to control the entire house from my mobile phone. Both android and IOS have amazing products that make the SB even more functional! Please Logitech do not let this product disappear!

  • I’m using a Squeezebox 3 since 6 years. In the mean time my family have 1 transporter, 2 classics (squeezebox 3) and 3 booms.

    Since the controllers are being on sale I just recently bought 5 . One or each of my daughters, one for he living room and one that I just set up this evening and that controls my squeezebox 3 that is playing music from my server that is 1000 km away . ( squeezebox and controller are at a remote location)

    It ‘s great equipment just too bad it’s so quiet with new models . A high end replacement for the transporter would be nice as well as a boom II

  • I have 2 Duets and love them. I’d get another one if they hadn’t been discontinued. I really appreciate the seperate controller since I have no smart phone, iPad or Android device to do the controller function. The Touch as just a receiver with a removable screened controller would be a perfect upgrade for the Duet. Then I’d have a little more screen realestate on a remote controller and a upgraded receiver from what I currently use.

  • I have a touch, a receiver, and 2 Booms, and love every single device. I definitely listen to a lot more music now than I did prior to buying my first SB3 classic almost 6 years ago. With remote control apps like IPeng the whole system is very ‘slick’ and easy to use. I have had very little, if any, software issues, but I do tend to run a fairly vanilla server with very few plugins installed. I really couldn’t be happier.

  • I have 6x controllers and 7x receivers for a few years in a whole-house audio setup, and we are a very happy family: enjoying OUR music like never before! Great product, incredibly flexible!

  • Great to see so much support for the Squeezeboxes, over the last 4 years I have continued to grow this system – growing multi-room audio as I need to, in a modular way.

    What I love is the ability for me to choose a pre-packaged setup like the radio or boom. Or, choose speakers which suit my room(s), combining them with the squeezebox device I want to control them with (Duet, Touch or SB3). This brings the best of both worlds in one system.

    The flexibility and cost of a squeezebox (when used with VortexBox) is better than the competitors – combine this with the ability to host your own CD’s, access internet radio stations around the world – or listen to any CD’s available on Spotfy/Rhapsody etc.

    Absolutely unbeatable!

  • I have 4 Classics, (3 from SD), 2 Booms and a Touch.

    Bought my first SB3 in early 2006 and fell in love with it immediately.

    I now have players installed in every major room of the house. The capability to sync the players is my favourite feature as I can roam around the house without missing a beat.

    My favourite player has to be the Boom, it sounds great for such a small unit.

    I prefer the display of the Classic over that of the Touch, it’s so much easier to see. I’d like a see a new player in a case similiar in size and shape to all my other stereo component, with capabilites to that of the touch, a display like the Classic and be able to play higher resolution music files.

    Please keep the Squeezebox ecosystem alive, it’s so much better than Sonos IMO.

  • I like (love) the possibility to sync my players (2 Classic + 2 Boom) to get a uniform sound everywhere in the house, the great flexibility on audio formats, sources and controller software, useful (community build) plugins, the great community at forums.slimdevices.com and that my family also like to use it.

    I love the Classic display – crisp and clear. I would like to have a Boom 2 and a player only with a good readble display (no need to control via touch, but I’m a Classic fanboy ;-))

  • I’ve had various squeezeboxes (duets, booms, classics) for years; they are reliable, they sound fantastic and they have loads of 3rd party plug-in’s, many of which are really useful (iPlayer, especially). All that’s missing is a refresh of the players; the receiver was the perfect playback device really; unobtrusive and you could use it with whatever remote and speakers you like; with an iPad as a remote it’s just the most fantastic streaming player on the market. It’s a shame that you discontinued it, and a massive disappointment that you didn’t replace it with anything similar.

    Please, please, please……don’t discontinue the squeezebox. Sometimes I wonder if you know how good this product range is.

  • As a longtime Squeezebox user and audiophile (currently 6 Squeeze devices in my house, including a Touch feeding an outboard DAC in my listening room), I implore Logitech to not only bring out new devices, but to COMMIT to maintaining the bit-perfect high-end performance of the predecessor devices. A 24/192 capable Touch 2 (or display-less Receiver or Transporter upgrade), would be a welcome addition to the line (along with an updated Boom 2). Unfortunately, Logitech seems to have been sitting on their hands lately with regard to the Squeezebox line, oblivious to it’s potential in this burgeoning era of computer audio. With continued solid engineering (perhaps bring back or consult with Sean!) and proper marketing, the Squeezebox line of products could easily dominate the entire mid to high-end market for years to come, rather than dwindling into obscurity (as it currently appears headed).

  • hi,

    I use 2 Radios, a Duet and just imported a refurbished Boom from US to Europe.

    I Love the SBS Performance, the flexibility and Sound, but as in the comments before I’m a Little wortreich if you continue this product line.

    One Thing i really want is a BoomII with recharable Battery to have this in my garden for summer. A sucessor to the Receiver and Transporter is also neccessary as High End Home Streaming Audio is really taking Off, so don’t miss this Business as you have a really great Customer Base!

  • I’ve got three Squeezeboxes – a Classic, a Touch, and a Boom – and love ’em all. I mostly listen to streaming music, so I’m content with things as they stand in terms of options (though some sort of battery pack for the Boom would be nice). The sound of the Boom, by the way, is amazing. Even my wife commented on it when I first got the unit, and she’s not what I’d call an audiophile.

    The main problem with Squeezebox (in my view, anyway), and the factor that may be keeping it from breaking through to a bigger audience: It’s a great system until something goes wrong. It happens infrequently for me (software updates are almost guaranteed to hose my system, so I try to avoid them) but when it does I have to spend a frustrating, hair-pulling hour or more trying to figure out what happened and how to fix it. I’m not a hardcore computer guy, but I’m semi-savvy about these things; it’s easy for me to see why non-computer-literate people might be scared away by the learning curve and the need for occasional trouble-shooting. Work on the plug-and-play thing, and you’ll roll over the competition.

  • Using Squeezebox radio with server running on DNS-323.
    Expecting a new version of the receiver to plug it to my hifi system.

  • First, I’d like reiterate the praise heaped on these devices by all above. I currently have a Boom, as it is a perfect solution for my apartment. Great sound for the price. Random software issues and wonkiess aside, I have had no problems with it.

    Second, assuming Logitech is committed to conintued support and development of Squeezebox products, I’d like to see the following developments (if at all feasible):
    1. Expand the mobile phone controller app to include streaming from the phone to the Squeezebox directly. I recognize that there are probably issues in developing this (i.e. power consumption of the LMS software, patents, etc,) but if it’s possible, that would be fantastic direct competition to Airplay.
    2. Develop a proper, portable speaker that is Squeezebox compatible, like the Bose Soundlink. Again, though power consumption may be an issue, it would be a great product superior to Airplay and Bluetooth-based systems.

  • I love my squeezebox Boom, but it really needs a functional Logitech supported app for spotify. The only usable app the third party “spotify core” that must use my computer as the server, rather than mysqueezebox.com. I am a big fan of the android and ios remote apps. The remote made my fall in love with my “Boom” all over again.

  • I’m not exaggerating when I say the squeezebox touch changed how I listen to music. It is the best piece of audio gear I have ever bought, and that’s saying something. Keep on integrating new apps and expanding what I can do with my squeezebox!

  • Love the Squeezebox System. I have a Radio & a Squeezebox 2 and use them daily. I also love the flexibility of the Server architecture, software players etc. Looking forward to a refreshed range to add to the collection of devices.

  • Another satisfied user here.
    Got my first Squeezebox3 as an upgrade from a Pinnacle Soundbridge, never looked back since! Now have two SB3’s and a Boom. Love them, use them every day. Also own a Google TV and several Harmony remotes. All interporate beautifully.
    Prefer the retro look of the fluorescent displays, but regularly use Android controller app, although the remote navigation is fine.

    Love the additional features of the SB3’s – have one wired up as an IR extender using a spare MS remote blaster!

    Please keep supporting and developing!

  • I own a Transporter and 3 SB3s. Best products ever. I recommend them to all my friends. Please continue your support.

  • I’m a long time owner and user of several squeezeboxes. A marvelous product and I can only really find one missing feature:

    Airplay for Apple.

    I seriously think you need to add Airplay to the LMS so all players / teams of players show up as airplay devices. That way people can also buy a squeezebox as an airplay unit, and the only missing feature of LMS would remedied. It needs a party/audiobook/casual streaming funtionality so owners and guests can easily play content from their iphones/ipads.

    Please develop this feature ASAP as i fear it is currently the main reason for abandoning Squeezebox.

  • I absolutely love my squeezeboxes. There really needs to be access to Google Music/Play. I used to be an active user of MP3Tunes but it just doesn’t cut it. I spend alot of time managing music in Google Play and would love to have it available on my Squeezebox.

    • Hello,

      Happy to hear you’re pleased with your Logitech product! We appreciate your suggestion and have to agree, Google Play for Squeezebox would be a huge advancement for the product. We will definitely pass along your suggestion to our developers, thanks!

  • Hello,

    I am in the same position as Philippe (his comment on march 2nd) and I share the same expectations.

    When will you launch a new squeezebox touch and what will be its main features ?

    Looking forward to your answer.


    • Hi there,

      Thanks for your feedback, however unfortunately we cannot comment on any unannounced Logitech products. Please stay tuned for any new announcements!

  • I’m beginning to build playlists in Google Music/Play and can access them conveniently on my pc laptop and also on my Droid smartphone. But I can’t seem to find out how to access them on my squeezebox. From the comments above it looks like maybe I cannot. Is that right? Any help/guidance on this?

    • Hi, Tim. As of right now, you cannot access Google Music/Play playlists on Squeezebox due to Google API issues. We will keep you in the loop if/when this is possible. Thanks!

  • We love our sb radio.

    Multiroom music is the best feature.

    More marketing would be good currently the competition is overpriced and under performing compared to the squeeze boxes.

    Setup issues could be resolved by building a small server product similar to a squeeze plug. so there is even less configuration to be done. Include a usb cd rom drive and some more web ui or push the boat out for a screen and include a simple cd ripping capability.

    Whatever. Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Colski – We are so glad to hear you’re enjoying the radio and those are great points. Thank you for the helpful feedback!

  • I got a squeezebox without doing much research and feel incredibly lucky that it turned out to be exactly the right choice. For me, the third-party software allows me to create a completely customized listening experience. I’ve even programmed in my 3-year project of listening to all my music in alphabetical order (including writing SQL for playlists). For my family, whose listening habits are less “rigorous” than mine, they’ve never had any problems using the Squeezebox to browse/play/stream whatever they want out of the box. I don’t know what we’d do without squeezeboxes.


    • Hey Mike, thanks so much for your review on Logitech’s Squeezebox. We are glad you are enjoying it. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

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