Squeeze More Music Out of Your Logitech Squeezebox

Did you know that Logitech’s line of Squeezebox players has one of the largest varieties of music services available worldwide, and we’re continuing to geographically expand the on-demand offer?

As you may know from reading our first blog post, we’ve been working with Spotify and MOG to give our music lovers in the U.S. more control. With Spotify’s comprehensive catalogue of music on your Squeezebox, you can enjoy all musical genres from top-selling hits to jazz or rock music. And, you can browse and play your playlists, add tracks to the queue, view album artwork, and discover new music.

In the last few months, Spotify was introduced in several new European countries, including Belgium, Switzerland and Austria. And, most recently, Spotify went live in Germany, allowing consumers to enjoy this award-winning and growing music service. We’re delighted to offer Spotify on Logitech Squeezebox Radio and Squeezebox Touch, and all you need is a Spotify Premium subscription!

Deezer, another leading European Music service also went through an exciting development and is now available in 46 European countries. The service is already streaming on Squeezebox for our European consumers.

In addition to Spotify and MOG, Squeezebox also offers Classical.com, MP3tunes and Rhapsody, as part of its on-demand lineup.

We’re continuously looking to add the latest and greatest music services to ensure that Logitech Squeezebox keeps evolving, while also staying fresh with new music and features. Stay tuned for exciting news in the coming months, and let us know what your favorite on-demand offer is in the comments!


Director of Business Development, Digital Music


  • I’ve uploaded about 30 GB of music onto the Google Music/Google Play site. Once Google’s API’s for this service become more consistent and predictable, my perfect solution for music, anywhere, would be Google Play + Squeezebox.

    • Hi Bob,

      We’ve received multiple requests to incorporate Google Play to Squeezebox and are definitely looking into it. We’ve passed your recommendation on to our developers–hopefully this advancement is something we can look forward to in the the near future! Thanks for your input!

  • what is the strategy to evolve current squeezebox touch ? will be a sq touch 2 or something ?


    • Jaime,

      There are no official plans of changing the current Squeezebox Touch design. That being said, we are constantly developing and adapting at Logitech. If any plans do get made we will be sure to let you know!

  • I love how reliable the Squeezebox Touch internet radio is; I just press play and it starts almost instantly. Far faster than my Mac!

    Please please add Rdio support as it’s the only decent option for Canadians.

    • Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for your awesome review of the Squeezebox Touch! We acknowledge your request to support Rdio for Squeezebox in order to accomodate our Canadian users, and have passed your message along to our developers. Thanks for being a fan of Logitech!

    • Thanks! We’ve received multiple requests to incorporate Google Play to Squeezebox and are looking into it. We’ve passed your recommendation on to our developers.

  • When will there be a new Squeezebox? Nothing has happened for ages. This is very sad, since the Squeezebox family of products are excellent.

    //Disappointed Squeezebox owner that will buy something else next time..

    • HI Daniel

      There is no set date for a new Logitech® Squeezebox™ but please be sure to stay current on our blog, it will feature all new product releases!

  • GOOGLE MUSIC!!! + Logitech = Music Heaven 🙂


    I just wanted to 2nd that emotion— We really need to have access to our Google Music on our logitech hardware.

    I have a few of the majors like rhapsody, spotify, pandora, etc… but would be just the best to hear my own music as I can listen to more. Example: Garth Brooks, Beatles, etc… a handful of key artists have held out and many times the good artists– we just get to hear their live concert versions of their songs.

    Google Music integration is a must! Please make the Priority.

    Please keep us informed on the status.



  • Ditto on incorporating google play in the squeezebox. I have one of the original squeezeboxes, and I love how well Logitech has taken care of this line of products.

  • Hi, i bought a touch last year, connected to a denon surround sys for our living room, music is streamed wirelessly and it all works perfectly, i want the same downstairs but with the clutter of an external amp, so i purchased a sb radio, result – synchronised music throughout the house, brilliant products keep up the great work.

  • I CANNOT wait until you allow all my music on GooglePlay to stream through my Squeezebox. This could be one of the coolest and most valuable consumer electronic items I have purchased ever if you guys come up with that….please make it soon.
    Is there a notification email list I can get on for when you release this or have a date. I want this almost as bad as season 4 of Breaking Bad on Netflix : D

    • We can’t comment on future products at this point, but thanks for the interest. You can keep up to date with our products by joining in on the conversations in our forums: forums.logitech.com

  • As others have said PLEASE make squeezebox play nice with google music/play…would love this to happen ASAP.

  • I have loved my Squeezebox for two-and-a-half years now and I’ve told everyone how great this thing is!

    The one thing that I want more than anything else is to be able to access Google Music through my Squeezebox and I’m so excited that it’s being worked on. Is there any update on its progress? Are we close or not-quite-so-close to seeing this happen sometime soon?

    • We can’t comment on future features at this point, Tommy, but thanks for the interest. You can keep up to date with our products by joining in on the conversations in our forums: forums.logitech.com

  • I would definitely like to 3rd the addition of Google Music/Play!!! I do like the box and the service. Thanks for the good work!

  • Squeezebox Radio still has problems with Spotify and region marked tracks. I’m hoping Logitech and the Spotify development team are busily working out these issues. As an example, today the New release Beach Boys album cannot play on my Squeezebox Radio, but can play on my ipod Touch, my wdtv live streaming, and on my PC.

  • I want to add one more request for Google Play….

    Most people with a squeezebox are not Apple fanboy’s/girls. So given the large amount of Android, Windows, Linux users with your product Google Play is a natural fit.

    I have all of it Mac, Windows, Linus, Android but in the last few years I have started to move more and more away from iAnything I’m not a hater just prefer google and amazon clouds over apple.


  • I’ll add still another request for Google Play compatibility. Especially now that the (overpriced) Google Nexus Q is out and will be shipping in mid-July.

    Our household is a mixed Apple and Google environment. I’m looking to Logitech to offer a solution that would let everyone in our house access their online audio and video content, whether that is housed in Apple iTunes or Google Play, and stream it to our home entertainment center.

    I hope you’ll deliver Google Play interoperability soon. Thanks!

  • I believe you should come up with an updated squeezebox touch.

    I think even keeping the current touch as it is and updating its look and design or something as little as a different screen size will bring in some new excitement to us who just want an excuse to purchase something new.

  • How about introducing a battery powered squeezebox touch. Then I can conveniently sit in my couch and control all my music: a touch(as remote) + music server (connected to stereo).
    That will make me want to upgrade instantly.

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