You Asked For It – Squeezebox Controller App for Android Available

UPDATE (3/28/2011): Thanks for all of your continued comments! Your feedback is very important as it helps us to continually improve our customer experience. Today, we released version 1.1 of the Logitech Squeezebox Controller App which addresses issues noted with the now playing screen updates, and other product enhancements.

Trust me – we’ve heard you asking for us to create an app that would let you turn your smartphone or tablet into a controller for your Logitech Squeezebox players. And for months, I wanted to tell you it was coming – but was sworn to secrecy. Today, I finally get to share the exciting news. We are launching our Logitech Squeezebox Controller App for Android smartphones and tablets – giving you a Squeezebox remote that puts total control of your players at your fingertips, in any room in your house – today!

With the Logitech Squeezebox Controller for Android, you can:

  • Control every Logitech Squeezebox player in your home – from any room in your house
  • Enjoy a seamless experience with your Squeezebox player so you can play, customize, sync and more
  • Easily search your tunes using the touchscreen or keyboard on your smartphone or tablet
  • View files, station, or playlist album art in the full brilliant color of your smartphone or tablet

Best of all, you can download this app for free in the Android App store. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed developing it!


Senior Manager, Digital Music & Streaming Media


  • Great! Been waiting for this. Would really like to be able to use it as a player too, via headphones on the phone.


  • Thank you soooo much for developing this app!!

    I hate to jump right into feature requests, but it sure would be nice to not have to rely on wifi. With the 3rd party controller apps I’ve always used port forwarding on my router so I could use my 3g connection, which is much more reliable when I’m in my back yard listening to my squeezebox music on my back deck speakers. Why the wifi limitation?

    • Hi Justin,

      There isn’t a Wi-Fi limitation with the Squeezebox Controller app for Android. In order to use 3G, you will need to:

      1. Connect to (not the local server)
      2. Make sure that 3G — not Wi-Fi — is selected on your phone.

      I apologize for not being more clear about this in my post.


  • Freezes up constantly on HTC Hero. Also I don’t see my server or my music. only the apps like pandora or internet radio.

    • Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback. Some of you have asked about versions for iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone 7 – while we appreciate the excitement, we can’t comment on future product/service releases. If and when we have news to share, we’ll be sure to post it here.


  • Thank you!

    Great job on the app – especially optimizing it for Honeycomb and tablets. It looks great on the Motorola Xoom.

    Hopefully this is an indication that Squeezebox will make an appearance on the next Market-enabled update for Logitech Revue (Google TV).

  • Oh, and thanks for putting this out for Android first!! I HATE that most apps hit the iPhone way ahead of Android, and sometimes only hit the iPhone. I want to see Android crush everything Apple!! Stop the tyranny! Buy Android! 🙂

  • Thank you! I’m a strong Android supporter with three Squeezebox devices and you just made my day!

  • The app isn’t brilliant, I have to say. The UI is… odd to say the least. And I couldn’t find a way to control the volume of each Squeezebox, which is kinda a key feature. It looks nice, but not very functional.

    I’ll be sticking with Squeeze Commander for now.

  • Hate to lay this on you, but your app is no match for the unofficial app that I already had installed on my HTC Legend.

    * There is no way to manually tell the app where to look for the music server (is there?) – so if, for any reason, it doesn’t find the server, the app is useless
    * The Now Playing screen doesn’t update properly – it keeps showing old songs, even after you switch songs
    * Scrolling is very ugly
    * It lags – you tell it to play a song, and after some 30 seconds, maybe the song will start playing

    All of this runs seamlessly on the unofficial app. I can have the two apps running simultaneously, and everything the official app doesn’t do, works perfectly on the unofficial app – so, Logitech, you need to step it up. I expected more from you!

  • The Now Playing screen does NOT update, I believe this is a known bug and an update should be coming out soon?

  • Great app! However It would be awesome if I also could control the alarm om my sb radio with the app.

  • Great to finally have an official Android app. for Squeezebox!

    The app. seems to get Artist and Album artist somewhat mixed up though.
    When you browse your collection by Artist, it actually uses Album artist, and when you eg. select Various Artists, and select an album from there, it is empty.
    This does not happen with regular albums from one artist (where Artist=Album artist).
    I should say thogh, that I am running (the unstable) version 7.6 Squeezeboxserver.

    I don’t understand the Appleists complaints about missing iphone app. – I thougt them fruit-lovers fancied Sonos… :o)

  • Will the Android squeezebox controller app work if u only purchase a squeezebox receiver, not the duet incl dedicated controller?


  • I dont have ah android phone—I have a tablet on wifi in my home. Why do I need to create agoogle acct? I get the “no android phone”error so I cant install this app.

  • Have been using the app for more than a week now. Great job. Here is some feed back so that you can improve. Thank you for the app..

    1. In Pandora, ThumbsUp Icon when pressed do not seems to do nothing. When I click on screen and select text “I like this song” it show a message “Cool we will play similar songs”. I expect pressing the Thumbs up ICON to show the same message.

    2. In Pandora, Album Image is covered by Song information (transparent though), It is ok, but nice if both are shown on screen. Something like option to select a small image would be nice.

    3. Like on Boom Radio, how about some presets. We need some quick access preset screen. So that we can play quickly what we want to play. May be even a widget to access some favorites on Android phone is nice to have.

  • +1 for Lee’s request on being able to use it as a player, too. In other stuff, Thanks! And thanks for going to Android first.

    Thx – have been waiting for an official Logitech release too – and with high expectations as always from Logitech.
    Like previous posts I looove the fact that the Android app was released before the iOS version ;-). However one of the great interactions between phone and Squeezebox in other Squeexebox apps is their ability to mute the music during phone calls. It seem so obvious that this feature is a must, but doesn´t appear to be present in this Logitech release? For this reason I might stick with the un-official app…

    Jesper – Denmark

  • Why can’t I switch between and squeezebox server? I can on the device itself. Why not on the remote?

  • Very nice indeed, probably the most useful App I’ve ever downloaded! Very well done indeed.

    For improvements, the biggest for me would be the ability to change the default behaviour when selecting a song from “play” to “add to end”. This way, when passing the iPod around at a party (allowing people to add songs like a jukebox), I don’t run the risk of someone wiping the entre playlist each time they select a song. This has happened too many times to count, it is enfuriatingly easy to do.

  • I can download the app, but I when I click on ”I Agree” under the Software Licence Agreement, nothing happens….And nothing happens if I click on the ”I do not Agree” button either. I have a SE Xperia Arc. Any Idea why?

    • Ulf,
      While you should received an error message, what you have described might happen if you had no internet connection at the time that you pressed the “I Agree” button. Please verify a good internet connection and try again.

  • Good when it works, but often just doesn’t find the player when my laptop has no problem. 🙁

  • On the xoom, I press to select, say, my Rhapsody library or a genre, and . . .nothing happens! It says “loading” for a minute then stops without doing anything. Simply does not work.

  • Android squeezebox controller is broken after GB 2.3.3 update for HTC EVO screen doesnt refresh after scrolling. impossible to read.

    • Webboy,
      This was submitted to our QA team for further evaluation and possible inclusion in a future release.

  • Yep – similar issue to webboy on a HTC Incredible S. Unusable. Thanks for effort – I look forward to a fix.

  • Does this app require a account or should it just find a local server?



  • Love the App but… I have to agree with Adam | April 22nd

    Could do with a button (or two) to toggle between and Squeezebox server (local network PC). A feature I often use on my Squeezebox Duet. Only way to do this at the moment is to use duet controller before starting App.

    Please make this a feature – Thank You.

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