Thought for Food: Breaking Bread with Industry Leaders

It was a beautiful New York day and the Logitech Loft was appropriately prepared: the table was set, the caterers had worked their magic, and there was a great anticipation in the air.

One by one the attendees arrived. Celebrity Actress Tichina Arnold, Vice President of Defjam Records, Lauren Wirtzer, CMO of Heineken USA, Kheri Tillmann, Daniel Glass of Glass Music, Mikki Glass, CEO of Tilden Marketing, Bonnie Taffer, VP CM of Amex Platinum Card and Michael Dub of Raspberry Red Inc. joined us, just to name a few.

Tichina Arnold and I spent some quality time on the Revue viewing her daughter’s candid clips on YouTube and sharing a laugh. The entire room was able to watch along with us thanks to Google TV, which allows you to stream web content right onto your television screen. Tichina also jumped onto the Twitter application on the TV and started to tweet about her impression of the Logitech Revue with Google TV. We saw a fan of hers retweet her feed almost immediately; it was very cool to see such a positive message travel so fast.

I also had a few moments to discuss everyone’s favorite features of the Revue. The lightweight keyboard controller was a big hit right off the bat. Another fave was the ability to surf great websites such as, a true inspiration, and Net-A-Porter allowed us to see fashion for sale right on our big screen while tuning in to runway clips from incredible designers simultaneously; it was a hit.

Special thanks to Samar Wajih Zaman of Tilden Marketing for her superb and stellar work in ensuring this entire day came together. I would also like to thank the entire Tilden team for their professionalism and partnership: Miki Glass, Aarti Tandon, Alok Tandon, Jalina Stewart, and Marcus Glover. Please note: For event/media inquires please contact Tilden Marketing.


'Host with the Most,' New York City

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  • Beautiful dress Praneet. What were your biggest highlights with each person? Did you get along well with everyone or mixed reception? Tell me about the CMO of Heineken too. 😀


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