Revue and McNuggetinis with Alie and Georgia

The web is an awesome place. A place where two friends, Alie and Georgia, can become overnight sensations thanks to a video they posted on YouTube. Want to know more? Their bio sums it up nicely:

The pair of best friends and journalists were profiled in the New York Times when their YouTube cocktail videos went viral, getting more than 10,000 hits a day and landing on the site’s “Most Viewed” page. They caught the eye of Food Network, who commissioned the girls to create 12 new episodes featuring their signature “Eisenhower-era” cocktail attire, bogglingly innovative drink recipes and dark, goofy humor.

That’s right. These two lovely ladies are “web bartenders,” and we were lucky enough to have them show off their skills at Logitech Loft. I should let you know that their cocktails are a little… um… out of the ordinary—especially their most famous concoction, the McNuggetini. Mixing up samples in our kitchen, Alie and Georgia entertained guests with one-part humor, one-part insane ingredients. And I have to say: I found the McNuggetini pretty tasty!

A night at the loft wouldn’t be complete without some Logitech Revue integration, and guests gathered around our demo units to browse through past Alie and Georgia webisodes and learn how to create some other interesting cocktails. And we kept tunes blasting through the night thanks to Revue’s Pandora app, which has basically become my new best friend at Logitech Loft.

Thanks so much to Alie and Georgia for bringing their talents to this very special Logitech Loft event! Oh -and if you’re interested in making McNuggetini’s at home, be sure to check out their YouTube video.


'Host with the Most,' Los Angeles

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  • Can you use the picture in picture on the revue to say play a game on the input screen and pull up a website for a walk through on Google?

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