Night of the Living Nerds: Top 5 Geeky Costumes

Costumes, candy corn, and cobwebs… Halloween came and went once more! This spooky holiday is a big deal for the Logitech team, and I’m right there with them. We had a costume contest here at the SF Loft, and the winner took home a brand new Logitech Revue! Brace yourself for the Night of the Living Nerds, with the Top 5 best costumes from the event, and comments from their creators!

5. Grand Warlock Alythess a.k.a Aimee Pepper

The draenei have come!

“The reason I picked one of the Eredar Twin bosses [from World of Warcraft] for my costume was because it looked like an ensemble that I could make gritty and detailed. I tried to make the accents on the costume all look like bone (it was actually caulk), and hand dyed and distressed the fabric to make it more ragged and suchlike. Also Draenei/Eredar girls are just plain awesome because of their curves, and their hooves are pretty much high heels so those are pretty much my reasons for dressing up as one in a nutshell!”

4. Chris Redfield a.k.a Keir Smith

Let's hunt some zombies.

“Obviously I’m a fan of the Resident Evil series, and Chris has been there from the start. It seemed like a pretty straight forward costume to go for, and seeing as the party was called Night of the Living Nerds I figured a few people would catch the reference. That and I needed a pistol holster for my Zombie Apocalypse preparedness kit.”

3. Dr. Harleen Quinzel (Harley Quinn) a.k.a Azsunyx

Amanda as a very sexy Harley Quinn.

“I’m a big Halloween nerd to begin with, so I plan my costumes out about a year in advance. The Idea for Harley came from last year, around Halloween (I went as Sally from Nightmare before Christmas) and I was re-training into a different Air Force career field, Mental Health Technician. A friend I was hanging out with at the time mentioned that I kinda smile like Harley Quinn, and it seemed fitting since I now work closely with psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers. The idea grew from there.

I decided to throw the lab coat in to make Harley a bit more unique than the Harley that everyone knows and loves, because there was a time when she was just a normal psychologist at Arkham Asylum. There had to be a transition from being Dr. Harleen Quinzel to the Harley Quinn that the Joker corrupted. I wanted to bring back her origin, the one that maybe everyone doesn’t know.”

2. Ramona Flowers a.k.a Kihten

Krista as Ramona Flowers.

“I love Halloween. Lets get real- I love any chance to play dress up. After moving to the city 3 years ago and not partaking in any Halloween activities for the first two, I decided I’d had just about enough of that. I remember deciding “I’m going to dress up this year. I’m doing Halloween.”

A few weeks later I saw “Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World” and immediately got my hands on the comics. Love at first sight. One amazing wig, hard-to-find subspace bag and homemade hammer later- and here we are. I’m already working on a different variation for Comic-Con this year. Best. Costume. Ever.”

1. Bad News Bear a.k.a HuskyHog

Pedo...I mean Bad News Bear.

“I really wanted to have an interactive costume, one that brought the community together and gave them as much of an opportunity to be a part of it as I did.

That’s where the whiteboard came from, then came what I was going to have people write on it. After quite some time flipping through a great deal of Tweets I realized if there’s one thing that gets the most @replies; it’s bad news. Seeing as Bad News Bear is a bit of a cliche the rest just came together naturally and I ran with it.

I had a great time getting people to contribute to the board, and even took submissions from Facebook / Twitter. I’d take a picture of me holding the message and @reply or post it back to them. All things considered I think I spent this Halloween with more people than ever. Hurray for UGC, or User Generated Costumes!”

And Bad News Bear takes home the review!


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  • Eh, I can’t say that bear deserves the number one spot. Maybe number 2. (has suppressed memories of failing to rescue the darn princess)

    Anywho, all o’ them nerds had some mighty fine costumes.

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