Music to my Ultimate Ears

One of the less talked about features of Logitech Revue is its music offering. I’m a huge music fan, and I was psyched to find that Revue has Pandora and Napster apps pre-installed and ready for action. After logging into your Pandora or Napster account, you have instant access to your saved music channels and streamable songs. And because I’ve got some really great speakers as part of my home entertainment system, Revue has become my go-to for playing music at home. I also love that the Napster app has full integration within Revue’s main search feature—meaning that if I search for “The Killers” via Revue search, songs from The Killers available on Napster are presented in the primary search results, along with links to other web content. It’s a simple little feature, but it makes finding the music I want to listen to really quick and easy.

So with Revue’s great music integration, I thought it was about time to host another concert event at the Logitech Loft. This time around we had Black Taxi, a Brooklyn-based indie rock band. The band has sold out shows at The Bowery and The Knitting Factory, and they’re currently on tour spreading their unique sound. I have to tell you that Black Taxi puts on an amazing, high energy show. Anytime you mix guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, trumpet, whistles, and megaphones together, you know it’s gonna be a good time. You should definitely check out Black Taxi and a have a listen to some of their songs! Or better yet, fire up your Logitech Revue and have a look at one of their awesome music videos.

Ultimate Ears was in attendance as well, showing off their line of high quality consumer products. I have to admit that ever since I started using my set of UE earphones, I can’t imagine using anything else. UE gave away a pair of customs to one of our lucky guests at the concert, and all of Black Taxi was fitted by our on-site audiologist. Isn’t technology amazing? One minute someone is making a mold of your ear with putty, and a couple of weeks later you have custom headphones pumping tunes into your noggin.

If you want to check out more photos from Black Taxi at Logitech Loft, hit up Guest of a Guest LA and Random Night Out. And special thanks to Small Girls, Big Business, Nick McGlynn, Ultimate Ears, and of course Logitech Revue, all of whom made this night possible.


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