HD In Every Way – Logitech HD Webcams Now Enable HD Video Calling on Skype

Hi Everyone ! It’s Nick, back with a few important updates…

Previously I had talked about 720p video calling on Logitech Vid HD and Windows Live Messenger – that was cool but many of you use Skype, and are anxiously waiting to join the HD party – well wait no longer!

Today we are happy to announce our newest Logitech HD webcams enable video calls in 720p HD on Skype from PC to PC, as long as you’re using the latest version of Skype for Windows (version 5.0 beta or later). So if you’re a Skype user, you can experience HD on the new Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910, or the Logitech HD Webcams C510, C310 or C270. Sorry, your embedded webcam won’t cut it.

HD Video calling is just one of the many ways your embedded webcam falls short. We’ve talked about image quality, autofocus, field of view, yada yada yada. Well, talk is cheap so check out this video and see for yourself after the break.

One final note: We are always listening to our users on how to make things better – The latest version of Logitech Webcam Software includes a new video compression setting, which enables your high-def video to be even more crisp and sharp. Depending on if you want to edit your movies for home playback, or share on YouTube with the world – you can pick the best compression setting and file size for you. Check your Logitech Webcam Software for updates if you haven’t received the notification yet, or visit our support pages.

So if you haven’t made the switch to HD yet, what are you waiting for? Check out a new Logitech HD webcam and see the difference for yourself.


Global Product Marketing Manager, Webcams


    • Hi Stafa,

      We’re having a few issues with the video — we’ll have it back up in a few minutes, so please check back!


  • Have you any intention of producing a webcam connected wirelessly to the computer. It would be an improvement for those whom I talk to on Skype to see me in other places other than in the dismal little corner of my office where my desktop is situated.

    • Hi Jonnie,

      In order to send and receive HD video, you will need a 1 Mbps upload and download connection. However, your current connection will still allow widescreen and up to 480p depending on your system. Widescreen and 480p are a large improvement over the standard quality available normally.


    • Hi BR,

      For Logitech Vid HD, you and the person you call need a dual core duo, and at least a 1 Mbps upload and download. A wired internet connection is always the most reliable, but with the given specs, wireless is okay too. Please see our full requirements here:

      Please understand that Skype is currently still in beta, so some code optimizations are coming for Gold Master. If you have a quad core CPU, 720p video calling is much easier to achieve with the necessary bandwidth specs. As its still beta, dual core duos have varying degrees of success. Please contact Skype directly if you want more details, however as its still beta, they might not be able to answer all of your questions.


  • Hi Nick,

    Just purchased C910, what an awesome webcam! It’s simply the best one out there!!! However I am still not sure why I am not able to send HD widescreen video via Skype 5 Beta. My system met the requirement. Bandwidth as well. (20 Mbps down, 2 Mbs up). What did I do wrong?


    • Hi Dave and Aston,

      Happy to hear you are enjoying the C910. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can influence the quality of video and audio on a call. The Internet and computer of the person you are calling can also limit the experience, also your upload is a more important number to worry about than download. I wish I could be more helpful in my response, but it’s too hard to tell without knowing your exact setup. I might suggest contacting Skype support.


  • Has anyone else had problems with sound? After the upgrade, my mother could see me, but neither of us could hear each other…a few hours later it occurred to me that I wasn’t getting **any** sound from my compter! I emailed Logitech and they told me to do an uninstall and then install the link that they sent me. I did so, but again, I’m not getting any sound from my computer, not with my mother on the webcam, not from my iTunes, not from short videos that I’ve taken, **nothing**!!! I’m totally exasperated! I’ve replied to them with the results of their directions, but am not confident that they’ll have a remedy…will probably blame it on my computer. I’ll end up paying an IT friend to come to my house to figure out what happened. I am **not** at all pleased with this situation.

    • Hi Chrys,

      I am not sure what application you upgraded on your PC, but there is no technical reason why your webcam should have caused your computer to lose audio. I’m curious to know if you ever got to the bottom of this (and I apologize for not writing sooner).


  • Hi Nick,

    I have bought 3 9000’s since they were available, useing them exclusively for video chat and ahve always been really impressed with the quality. Looking at a C910 and ahve a specification question, particularly with Skype.

    My laptop is running Win 7 64 , an a core 2 duo 2.24 GHZ, but the fast, 1066 front bus version (Intel P8400), which in some ways, is faster than a 2.5 clock on slower bus.

    Question – will Skype switch to 720P if the bandwidth is fine, even the clock speed is not 2.5? Does it try 720p, but just reduce the framerate, or does it check the CPU code for the 2.5 model to make the switch?


    • Hi Todd,

      From my experience most video calling applications will not allow any type of high quality video stream to drop below 15 fps before dropping the resolution down to increase frame rate. People generally prefer smooth audio than video, if a prioritization has to be made. I would double check with Skype to be sure, but regardless I would not expect the C910 to disappoint!


  • Please, can someone give me step by step instructions re how to make a video call using the logitech web cam and Skype. I don;t want to have to read a book or understand computer history and philosophy. I just want a list of what buttons to push when and how to do a test call.

  • Why dont normal peoplesc910 review videos on youtube look as stunning and as sharp?? What after filming trick/editing was used?

    • Hi Kiatlc,

      Currently Skype has only enabled the Logitech HD 270, 310, 510 and 910 models for HD video calling.


  • So, I have a DSL connection 5mps down but only 700mps up. Will the HD webcam work for me or do I have to take a pass based on your comments above?

    Thanks much!

    • Hi Hal,

      That is solid Internet connection speed. You will be able to receive incoming HD from your friends (Assuming you have a 2.4 dual core duo or better) and more than likely broadcast in HD. In my experience, Logitech Vid HD delivers HD video with much lower system and Internet requirements than other applications.

      Logitech Vid HD is unique in that it allows you to broadcast in many resolutions between 720p and normal VGA. 480p and 576p video calling will still be very sharp and is a marked improvement from VGA.

      Also the quality of optics in our HD webcams are superior to our non HD products. The same environment would not provide the same experiences comparing an HD and non-HD webcam.


  • iam using to logitech 910,my connection’s upload is changing between 1 meg. and 900 kbs and my processor is quad core 2,4 6600 and 4 gb memory ram,but my desktop monitor is not full hd that is only 1600 x 1050 resolution and if i take to the biggest size of video the resulation is falling down on skype and another one.What is the reason of that?How do we get a smooth image in full screen?

    Thanks alot for nice comments here

  • the video is really cool…I think I will give it a try and buy a set of the hd cams (the c510 for my family and the c910 for me :)…

  • I am using a C910 webcam on skype. The party on the other end see us fine but we can not see them. We are on the newest verson of skype. Is there a setting I should be using. I also use the current DierctX program

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