The New HD Pro Webcam C910 is Here! Share Full HD 1080p Videos on Facebook and YouTube With One-click

Hi, my name is Nick Cuniffe and I am a Global Product Marketing manager for the webcam team at Logitech. I am a California native, San Francisco denizen – and lifetime Logitech evangelist. When I am not thinking about webcams and ways to use video, I am probably at some sporting event or checking out new spots with friends. Besides managing our HW, I also manage our webcam SW – shoot me any ideas you have and we’ll see what we can do.

It’s August and I am excited – the upcoming start of the NFL season is only one reason why. The biggest reason (1080p HD big!) is that the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 is finally available for purchase from retailers worldwide!

Thanks to all of you who have waited patiently – many of you have asked when it would be available and today you too can experience video calling in HD 720p and video recording in Full HD 1080p video from our newest webcam called the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910, to which PC Magazine bestowed the coveted Editors’ Choice award.

So what makes the C910 so special? To start, the C910 makes you look and sound your best. Carl Zeiss optics, complete with autofocus and a high-quality sensor, ensures you are always clear and sharp, even in dark or poorly lit rooms. (You aren’t grainy or choppy, why should your video be?) And its dual microphones make sure you are heard clearly too, in stereo audio!

Beyond speeds and feeds, our highest priority was to make using the webcam the best and easiest experience possible for our customers, in every usage scenario. There’s the obvious and popular application of video calling with friends and family, which you can now do in HD 720p with our new line of webcams on Logitech Vid HD and Windows Live Messenger. But did you also know that 40 percent of videos posted to Facebook come from webcams, as well as a significant number of the 24 hours of video shared on YouTube each minute? That’s why we made recording and sharing videos in Full HD 1080p a cinch with the new one-click HD upload to Facebook and YouTube feature.

The bundled software even lets you tap into your creative side – splice together an HD movie using the included MAGIX editor. Or use the new Video Mask Maker to make your own video effects or disguise. Think typing passwords is a pain ? Use FastAccess™ facial recognition software to allow your smiling face and your webcam to sign-in instead, I do.

I‘ve been working on webcams for a while now, and I can safely say this is the best webcam to come out of Logitech. But, you don’t have to take my word for it, try one out yourself and notice the difference Full HD makes.


Global Product Marketing Manager, Webcams


  • Hi Nick — great post about the C910 webcam. I’m difinitely getting one as this looks even better that the Pro 9000 (which was already exceptional)

    • Hi Kamilion,

      We do not provide support for Linux, but since the C910 is a fully UVC compliant webcam, you will be able to get the webcam’s basic functions to work.


  • Hi Nick. I am contemplating getting this camera for myself.

    I have a laptop with 4GB RAM and a 2.1GHz Core 2 Duo CPU running Win 7 x64.

    I am worried about the base specs for the camera. It says you need a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo for the camera and 2.8GHz if you want to record 1080p (which is why I want this camera over the Pro 9000). What do you think? Is it “recommended” or will the software refuse to let me record with such a laptop?

    Thanks for your help (perhaps I am asking at the wrong place, if so feel free to direct me to the right place :))

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Zelka,

      The software will not prohibit you from recording in the resolution you want, but it will recommend the best resolution based on your set up to get the best video and to avoid choppy recordings.

      What are your system specs? Recording and calling in 720p and recording in 1080p require very similar specs — I would recommend the C910 over the Pro9000 for a few reasons:

      Even if you cannot record in 1080p, your 720p experience will be superior with the C910.
      The C910 has Logitech More HD technology, which will allow your video to be more fluid, when compared to the Pro 9000, and lastly, the C910 has stereo mics, while the Pro 9000 does not.

      Hope this helps and let me know if you need more info!


  • Hi..
    I purchased one of these recently, I have to admit the quality from the lens on this camera is very good.. Have used Logitech cameras since 2003..


    Doh!… upon recording in “HD” the Logitech software compresses the video and audio soooo much!!! like there is no control in the software.. ! It sounds really nasty and has very low quality sound, and the video is really blocky!!

    I hope that there will be some kind of new interface that gives you some control so that you can actually save it in HD quality…

    Very disappointing!

    • Hi Alan,

      I hear your compression frustrations — and I have a fix for you. Yesterday we released an upgrade for Logitech Webcam Software v2.0 — it allows you to choose between 3 different levels of compression, one setting of which, is “lossless” for the best video quality. We also increased the quality of our default setting, so we expect increased quality all across the board.

      How do you get this ?

      In case your software has not prompted you to get the upgrade yet (a nice little reminder in your system tray), just open up your webcam software — make sure your webcam is plugged in during all this.

      Open preferences in the top right, and click on the last tab “Updates”, and “Check now for updates.”

      Once you have downloaded and installed the updates, go back to your preferences and look under: Quick Capture (and Motion Detection too).There should be a video compression selection pull down box — and you should see a vast improvement.

      Hope that helps!


  • Hi Logitech,
    I just won the Logitech HD Pro WebcamC910 from a Logitech contest at Staples here in Toronto,OntCanada.The camera is brand new and is all sealed up.But i missing the Logitech Webam Software. On page 3 is shows a software cd.Can you forward this email to the right dept. so I can get a copy off the software CD.Thank You.James Chow

  • Hi Nick–

    Your expert opinion, please, on the c910 vs. the 9000 for what I need to do. I am a classical Spanish dancer who works with guitarists in faraway places. I need the webcam to pick up footwork sounds, music, and capture fast motion, all in sync, so that I can dance to their music in real time. I’ll be using it mostly in artificial light, and I have the horsepower to run either camera. I run XP.

    What do you think? Thanks for your advice.

  • I should also add that I’ll be making heavy use of Skype as my program of choice. And a place to attach a tripod would be nice, as I’ll be using it with both a desktop and a laptop.

  • Sorry…one more thing! I want to record these sessions for future use, so that should be taken into account.

    I’m hearing a lot about Skype HQ-certified. The C910 is not certified, but the 9000 is. I know that’s not the end of the discussion, but if I went with the C910, how different would my Skype experience be? Are there alternatives to Skype that work well with the C910 for my purposes?

    • Hi Peg,

      Happy to help with your decision. The C910 is our latest and greatest webcam. It’s low light and frame rate performance surpasses the Pro 9000 in every way. The larger sensor of the C910 is only one of the reasons it performs better than the Pro 9000.

      The levels of Skype certification and performance criteria have changed since the Pro 9000 was launched. While the Pro 9000 is High Quality Video certified, that only provides maximum performance of VGA (640×480) at 30 fps over Skype. The C910 is currently Skype HD ready – 1280x720p or 720p HD. Logitech Vid would also provide up to and including 720p HD video on a call. The difference between VGA and HD in either normal viewing mode or full screen is dramatic.

      In order to achieve HD, you must have the proper specs – at least a dual core 2 duo laptop with 2.4 Ghz processor, and 1 Mbps Internet upload. A good website to test your Internet speed is here:

      One of the nice benefits of Logitech Vid HD is if you have a system or Internet connection that can’t quite support HD, you can still achieve better image quality by broadcasting in 480p or 576p for example – the software will automatically select the best resolution for your conditions. Skype is currently only VGA or HD, intermediate resolutions are not yet supported.

      Both the C910 and Pro 9000 work great with a laptop and desktop set-up, but neither support a direct mount to a tripod though.

      Hope this helps!


  • What frame rates are supported by this camera, specially at 1080p resolution?

    What is the physical size of the sensor (1/4″, 1/3″ etc)?

    Does the camera do any of the video/audio compression itself or is all the compression done by the computer? If the camera does compression, what format(s) does it compress to?

    • Hi Tidris,

      For 720p video and below, in a well-lit room the device can easily do 24-30 frames per second. Studies have shown the difference is very hard to tell with the human eye. For 1080p the webcam will normally output between 15 and 20 fps. Lighting and the speed of your computer can impact this.

      The sensor is actually a bit larger than 1/3, as it is 1/2.5 inches.

      The c910 does not have h.264 hardware encoding, so the compression happens on your PC. All video is usually compressed at least to get through the USB pipeline, but the end videos are encoded in .wmv format. In the SW settings you can set your compression level preference, including lossless. This provides the sharpest image quality, but comes with a rather large file size.


  • I am looking at buying the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 for my 3 year old Dell desktop and want to make sure that my computer has the minimum system requirements.

    My primary use for the webcam will be having video chats with my daughter who is away at college.

    I have an Inspiron 531,Athlon 64 X2 5000+ (2.60GHz, 512Kx2) with 3GB DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz running Vista Home Premium.

    Since my computer is an Athlon CPU, does it meet the minimum 2.4 GHz Intel® Core™2 Duo Requirement?

    • Hi Martin,

      The minimum specs you listed are recommended for 720p video calling and the best video recording performance. Unfortunately, I am not an expert in system specs and their comparisons. It looks like. based on some Internet research, that your system should be on par with the recommended spec. Of course your Internet connection will also impact your video calling experience. The C910 is a large step forward from the Pro 9000, so it will provide a better experience at any resolution in between.


  • Hi Nick,
    Will the C910 work with skype? dont care if its HD 1080, 720 is fine just want to make sure it will in fact work with skype? Thanks in advance.

  • I read someone’s comment that the C-910 when installed on his Windows 7 operating system gave him the Blue Screen of Death. He also said that it was top heavy and hard to balance. Has anyone else experienced this? That is the system on my computer. I would really like to get the two stereo recording mics.
    Has anyone used the 9000. It looks like it has a pretty large single recording mic and excellent picture. Is it worth the price?

  • Hi Nick,

    We are trying to get into video conferencing and have just purchased some Insigna 42′ tv with 1080 160 Mzh. Is the C910 the way to go or would you suggest something more higher end?

  • Hi-
    After exhaustive research on the best webcam to buy, I decided on the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 with 1080p. I am no techie. But, so far the quality is outstanding. I purchased it to keep in touch with my son who just left for college.

    Independent YouTube postings really sold me on it.

    I must be missing something though. I signed up with Skype and the Skype logo is in the Logitech Webcam Software box that comes up when I select the webcam icon, the area where you can choose quick capture, gallery and make a video call, etc.

    But, I can’t figure out how to place my Magix uploaded still photo or one of the nature pics from the Webcam controller into my Skype call… say if I did not wish to be viewed live on a call. Can you help?

  • I just recently Purchase this camera but when i use the software it comes with I get the Blue Screen Of Death ( BSOD) , and if it comes disconnected , The quality is amazing as i tried it with Skype and other webcam programs , but without the software there is not much point , does anyone know how to solve this problem ?

  • I am interested in purchasing the C910 and was wondering if it will work with a Panasonic G25 series plasma screen. Any insight would be helpful.

  • Interesting. I just received mine via Amazon (direct, not a 3rd party vendor) and it was properly sealed (top and bottom) yet was missing the software and documentation (only the camera was present, as was all the plastic and cardboard encasing it as part of the Logitech packaging). I’m working with them on an exchange but it was certainly bizarre and apparently this was a failure on the manufacturing/packaging side there.

  • I use a SAN with security cam feature, whom work under debian linux. When did you expect to launch or to manage with community for a HD UVC driver, to allow HD picture for security purposes ?

    • Hi Arkham,
      All of our newest HD webcams are UVC compatible in HD mode. You should get full frame rate performance out of 720p, but the UVC protocol does have a limitation in frame rate in 1080p mode. We are working on a solution, but its part of a larger architecture design discussion. Depending on the application you are using, you should be able to get HD photos from the device however.

      Hope this helps,

  • Hi Nick:
    We are using Logitech Pro 9000 in some research activities. It is a wonderful camera and full compatible with Matlab Software. We are planning to purchase four additional Logitech web cameras. It seems that the C-910 is a better option however,:
    Has the C-910 tested with Matlab software?
    What is the maximum real resolution of still image (snap-shot image) that the C-910 can provide? I understood from your answers that its sensor is 5MP, hence can it provide 5MP real image (without digital or software) enhancement?

    • Hi Ghassan,
      Happy to hear you are happy with your Pro 9000. I am not familiar with Matlab SW, and the Pro 9000 was not specifically tested with it; however I would expect the same compatibility and performance support between the Pro 9000 and the C910 in terms of resolutions, autofocus and image correction. The advantages of the C910 from the Pro 9000: 5 MP sensor that provides 1080p Full HD video, dual microphones for stereo sound, and a wider field of view and higher frame rates than the Pro 9000. The C910 is a native 5 MP sensor, so you can capture 5 MP photos without SW interpolation. Make sure you are using it in a windows environment (XP, Vista or 7) and with the Logitech driver installed as the UVC driver does not support 5 MP photo capture.

      Hope this helps and good luck !


    • Hi Art,
      Yes the included SW enables zoom up to 5 times magnification, and pan and tilt. You can access these controls while locally recording a video on your PC, or while on a video call on Skype for example. You can access the controls via the Logitech Webcam Controller, or you can go into your preferred video calling client and check out device properties, where the PTZ controls are available.


  • We purchased three C-910 cameras to be used in a research project. They are excellent and works fine under Matlab software. Real sharp still images of 5MP were obtained successfully. This camera model is wonderful. We have ordered two more of these cameras to be used for the same project. The manual control of focus make these cameras excellent for research work.
    Well done Logitech.
    Please keep me informed if new models come out.

  • Hello!
    I believe my requirements are sufficient (?) . Win/7 64 bit ed.; Intel Core i3 – 3.07 GHz with 3.87 available RAM and Internet Broadband Upload 0.41 Mbps and Download 5.09 Mbps (using the test you made available here in this blog – and it running from here, Vienna, Austria to Los Angeles, CA.
    1)So, you mentioned Webcam C-910 is or will it be capable for Skype usage?
    2)WIll it be of use at all for me being I do not have an HD TFT Monitor but only a LCD with 1024 X 768 resolution?
    3) Does the recipient i.e. for Skype, also need to have a HD Webcam? and/or HD monitor?
    4) Is the quality of video and especially sound really good enough for video recording
    that I can save on my PC and perhaps later send per facebook or thru other internet files
    5) If HD video calling is possible, do I need anything addtional (software, etc.)?
    6) If there is a latency problem with live music transmission via skype is there a possiblity to adjust it thru Logitech software? Or do I need yet an additional software?

    As you can see, I am hoping to get something from Logitech that does over meet what I require but I do want quality to meet at least the sound and music transmissions. The video quality should at least be without constant freezes and choppy pics. Would this be
    only be possible if I get an HD Monitor.?
    In any case, you been giving good explanations, as I have been reading and would be grateful for a bit of feedback…especially as I will not be ablt to return anything I purchase from Logitech….I will be ordering from USA website for shipment to US address but I live in Austria at the moment.

    I am not quite sure if your answer will only be here on this blog or if I receive some sort of e-mail. I will check this blog out, just in case, from time to time!


  • Nick!
    Sorry….I wanted to say:
    I want something from Logitech that DOES NOT
    over meet what I require….meaning I don’t want to invest in a Webcam which features I can not use or features are not satisfactory for receiving and sending video/music.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Terri,
      Thanks for the posts, let me try to address your questions line by line…

      1 and 2. All of our webcams are Skype compatible – you can have free video calls with audio and video. The C270, C310, C510 and C910 are Skype HD enabled, which allows you to have video calls in up to 720p widescreen, which requires certain system specs on your side of the call and the person that you are calling. These required specs are only meant to outline what is necessary for 720p HD video calling, if you or the person you are calling does not have the proper specs, you can still have a great video calling experience.

      Your internet upload speed is only about half of what is needed for sending 720p to your friends, and your screen resolution is large enough for a large, crisp, sharp image, but you cannot view full view 720p. What does all of this mean ? You can have a great video calling experience waiting for you, but to answer your question the C910 might be a little much more than you need. Of course it has autofocus, and wide field of view and stereo microphones, I cannot rave enough about the C910, but you would not be disappointed with c510 either for example.

      3. HD webcams are only necessary to broadcast in HD, you can still receive HD video even if you do not have an HD webcam. Any webcam will allow you to connect with audio and video on Skype.

      4. Our webcam software allows for you to easily capture videos and then upload them to YouTube or Facebook with one click. The C910 has two microphones, which provide for stereo audio, a first for webcams. The C510 and C310 will also provide great recording and sharing as well though.

      Finally, our webcam software does not control anything other than our webcam, and Skype controls the audio. I would suggest contacting Skype to determine how you can improve your audio sharing experience, I am not sure any software will help that.

      Hope this was helpful!


  • Hi Nick,

    I am working on an open source system that does remote tracking of gaze direction for assisting disabled people to use a computer.

    To achieve this, a high resolution image of the eyeball(s) only is required, at a high frame rate, whilst the remainder of the image can be discarded.

    To date, specialised cameras such as PointGrey & Thorlabs have been required, as these allow a “Region of Interest” to be defined, and then the camera will return a much higher than “normal” framerate, as the number of lines of sensor that need to be scanned and returned are much lower. For example, by selecting only 1/5th of the sensor imaging area (about 200 pixels high by the width of the sensor), frame rates of around 150fps can be returned (the camera normally achieves 30fps for the full sensor, so 1/5 of the sensor allows 5 times the scan rate). Only the eye, and a small area around the eye, is imaged at full resolution (pixel binning or similar to decrease resolution obviously causes a lack of resolution at the eye itself, rendering the image unusable). The region of interest is dynamically changed to keep the eye within bounds, if the head moves. If tracking is completely lost then a full image is taken to find the eyes, and then the region of interest is set up again.

    The C910 seems to vary the area on the sensor that is scanned under certain conditions.

    It would be fantastic to be able to specify (outside the UVC spec, one would assume) the Region Of Interest (being a corner point & image dimensions) and have the camera stream back at the highest resolution and highest framerate possible for that smaller area. Of course ideally only compressed using a lossless algorithm.

    If we are able to achieve this with a low cost camera such as the Logitech webcams (e.g. C910) that have a very high resolution, but do not achieve the required frame rate, then the barrier to entry for (accurate) assistive technologies such as this would be greatly reduced.

    Do you think this is possible to achieve?

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