New Logitech Gamepads Bring the Console Gaming Experience to PC Gamers

Today we’re completely revamping our PC gamepad line to bring our customers better functionality and game compatibility with the Logitech Gamepad F310, Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510 and Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710.

The Logitech Gamepad F310

The Logitech Gamepad F310 features a familiar, comfortable control layout and our unique floating D-pad design that offers exceptional accuracy in all eight directions. It incorporates both XInput and DirectInput technology, so it will work with any game that supports a gamepad – from today’s biggest titles to all your old favorites – even emulators like MAME. And, if you do have games that don’t support gamepads, you can install the included Profiler software and configure the gamepad to emulate keyboard and mouse actions.

The Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510

The Rumble Gamepad F510 offers all the same features as the Gamepad F310, plus dual vibration motors, so when you’re playing games that support vibration feedback, you’ll feel every hit, crash and explosion. And it also adds comfortable rubber grips and a soft-touch bottom case, for long gameplay sessions.

The Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710

The Wireless Gamepad F710 has all the capabilities of the Rumble Gamepad F510, and adds the freedom of 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity. Just insert Logitech’s plug-and-forget Nano receiver into a USB port on your computer and leave it there. With our wireless engineering expertise you get to experience the wireless convenience you want with the rock-solid performance you need.

Click the links above to find out more about our lineup of Logitech gamepads or to get yours today.


Global Product Marketing Manager


    • Hi Law,

      We are able to ship products worldwide but availability in specific countries depends on a distributor there ordering them from us. If it becomes available in Malaysia, the F510 will be immediately show up on our Malaysian website. Since our previous generation of pads, including the RumblePad 2 (which this product replaces) were all sold there, I’d say there’s a good chance it will be.


  • I retired my Logitech Rumbepad 2 to the closet because no new games supported it- and the Logitech Wingman team has had no updates for new games. New games only support the XBox controller on PC now, no others.
    So, how does these new controllers fit in with no PC in game support for them?

    • Hi Ron,

      All of the new gamepad support Microsoft’s XInput standard, so they will function with newer games that are ports from XBox 360 without requiring Profiler programming. Additionally, since they also have a DirectInput mode, they will work with classic titles as well.


  • Interesting that you’re using the XBox 360 layout… are these XInput pads, then? And if so, will they work with the XBox 360?

    • Hi HeartBurnKid,

      The new F310, F510, and F710 gamepads all support both XInput and DirectInput. They each have a physical switch that can change them between XInput and DirectInput mode. They are not licensed for use on XBox 360, and therefore are not compatible with it.


  • will f510 work with mlb2k9 pc? i had an old wingman pad that died but could not configure mlb2k9 with it. i am also assuming the f510 should work with racing games and older baseball/football games.

    • Hi jake,

      The F510 works with MLB2K9 PC, but some configuration is necessary inside the game’s menus. And it also works with any game that has support for DirectInput gamepads, such as most older racing and sports titles.


  • Why didn’t you made gamepads also use Unifying receiver? My notebook has only two USB ports and I still have to change receivers or whatever every time. Your own slogan is still just a bunch of words without real usage

    “Do you have multiple wireless receivers taking up USB ports? Do you need to unplug them every time you move around with your notebook?”


    • Hi Tom,

      In order to ensure a better gameplay experience, the F710 communicates with the PC twice as many times per second as our standard Unifying devices do. This necessitated having a dedicated receiver for the gamepad.


  • While I would like to see the vertically spaced joysticks like the 360 (makes controlling FPS’s easier, but this may be a license restriction), this is definitely good news for PC gamepad players, but also PC controller choices overall with the proliferation of 360 ports for several reasons:

    1) MS has stopped producing the wired controller. So unless you want to buy used or grey market, the entry fee for a PC gamepad that’s fully 360 compatible is basically $50. I do appreciate the standardization that making the 360 pad the default Windows gamepad has brought, but considering many PC gamers only purchase gamepads when forced to, $50 was a bitter pill to swallow, especially if you wanted two for some multiplayer support if you’re lucky enough to have your PC near a nice big TV. This reduces the price of entry to around $25 without rumble, $35 with and probably lower in some stores.

    2) As the 360 pad was Xinput only, older titles suffered. It worked great for 360 titles, but completely lacked any customization of its axes and could act completely schizo with older games that expected DirectInput. So if you don’t resort to third-party hacks, you basically needed two gamepads for support of all PC games. This solves that. You get the plug and play, but you also get some control with profiler software that the 360 pad doesn’t offer.

    So yeah, have some criticisms of it (I wish the rumble version had the design of the non-rumble, I find the baby blue to look very childish and will clash with virtually every PC design – really, how did that make it of the labs?!), but this is a nice (and overdue) offering from Logitech.

  • Oh, one feature is not obvious – what replaces the Xbox guide button? How would you launch the GFW interface from the gamepad?

  • i want to pre-order f310 in .eu/uk website but it doesnt send my country(turkey) & logitech turkey website not on service.. =/

    • Hi argrn,

      Currently we do not have direct online sales to customers in Turkey. I recommend contacting a local distributor or retailer to determine when the F310 will be available in your area.


  • does the Logitech’s plug-and-forget Nano receiver need to always be in clear view of the 710 controller? or may i plug it into the back of the computer and leave it there?

    • Hi marcus,

      The receiver uses 2.4GHz RF technology, so it does not need to be in line of sight of the gamepad. Placing it behind the PC may cause some interference issues, however, as there can be a lot of metal and electronic noise between the back of the PC and where you’re holding the gamepad. For these situations, the F710 ships with a receiver extension cable that allows you to move the receiver away from the PC and reduce the chance that other devices will interfere with it. This way, you can still have the receiver out of sight but get good performance with the gamepad.


  • Hi Chris,

    Do the Logitech drivers support splitting the analog triggers to use their own axis? It is important for driving games where you may want to be applying some breaking and some throttle at the same time.


    • Hi MrShoop,

      In XInput mode, the triggers are handled Microsoft’s XInput driver or their XInput to DirectInput translation driver, and will behave exactly the same as any other XInput gamepad. In DirectInput mode, the triggers are effectively buttons and do not send analog information to the PC.


    • Hi spate,

      In DirectInput mode, the F510 and F710 will behave exactly the same way that the current RumblePad 2 and Cordless RumblePad 2 do on Mac. In XInput mode they will not function. These are both limitations of the Mac OS, and as a result we do not claim Macintosh compatibility with these products.


  • If they’re switched to DirectInput mode, will the shoulder triggers still be analogue? It tends to mess with a whole lot of games if they are.

    • Hi Meowlaise,

      In DirectInput mode the triggers are buttons, and they actuate after a short amount of throw.


  • I guess I should try and return the rumblepad 2 controller back to the online store from which I ordered it from, when it arrives at my house; and purchase the F510 gamepad instead. Or I could just go through Profiler program each time I want to play a game on my computer.

  • witam.chciałbym się dowiedzieć kiedy pad rumble f510 będzie dostępny w Polsce i jaka będzie jego cena.dziekuje i pozdrawiam.

    • Hi Arek,

      It’s not possible to give a specific release date for a particular country, but the new gamepads are making their way through our distribution chain right now. The F510 should be available in most places within the next few weeks. The retail price is €39,99.


  • Well,I preorder F710 already.It seems in china,this new series is avilable this week.

    ps:Looking Forward to Wireless G2X Wheels…:)

  • It’s good news for me, because the controls on keyboard seems so difficult,
    i really like the wireless gamepad, it’s required any drivers or it’s going direct installed? Because i really looking forward to it.

    • With most games, no software installation is necessary. For older games or games that do not support gamepads at all (such as Flash-based games), we include software that will let you configure the product to emulate a keyboard and mouse.


    • Hi Mike,

      It does function very similarly, but with signifcantly better legacy game support. In addition to XInput support, which improves compatibility with new games, it also works with legacy games that support DirectInput gamepads only. XInput gamepads will work with these games, but some functionality like vibration feedback and separation of the triggers are not supported by Microsoft’s XInput to DirectInput translation driver. The F310, F510, and F710 work exactly the same as the Dual Action, RumblePad 2, and Cordless RumblePad 2 in games that support DirectInput gamepads only.


    • Hi Kene,

      For information on product availability from the Logitech UK eCommerce site, your best bet is to contact our UK eCommerce support at +44 (0)20 3024 8160.


  • Can two Wireless Gamepad F710 be plugged into the same computer (in two different USB slots of course) and used for head-to-head 2-player action without conflicting?

    • Hi Teez,

      If the game supports simultaneous controllers, then yes. Multiple F710s can be used on the same system without wireless conflict.


    • Hi Martin,

      If you are in the US, it should be available and shipping out of our warehouse in the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I don’t have more specific information than that. You should receive an email from our eCommerce site when it does ship, though.


  • Too bad that F710 isn’t Unifying-compatible cause I’m gonna buy MX mouse and K350 KB. Anyway, at least the receiver is small and wireless.

    Could you tell me is the D-pad on F710 the same as one on Rumblepad 2 CL? I mean is it glossy and slippery?


  • I have the mx performance mouse, Will F710 be able to share the same unifying reciever?
    Also hope this will be available in Australia.


    • Hi Glenn,

      The F710 is not Unifying-compatible, as it requires faster communication with the PC than our standard keyboards and mice.

      And assuming distributors and retailers are ordering them, all three of the new gamepads should be available for purchase in Australia in the near future. If you have one locally, I would check with either a Harvey Norman or Dick Smith store for more information. They’ll also be posted on the Australian section of when they’re available.


    • Hi Jakub,

      The F710 communicates at 250 reports per second, twice as fast as standard USB devices.


  • Hey Chris, i´ve called the Support Hotline in Germany 2 Times, but they haven´t got also no Release Date. Whats going on at Logitech?
    Havent they any Informations for their loyal buyers?
    Why do Logitech post a Product if there is no Release Date?

    Greetz Patrick

    • Hi Patrick,

      The new gamepads should be available in Germany in the next few weeks. It takes some time at the launch of new products for everything to fall into sync, but you should be able to pick one up in the near future.


  • Hi,

    can you say anthing about the deadzones of the analogsticks?

    The X360pads have a quite large deadzone and it takes quite some time for the sticks to go back to their position. One can see that very good in racing game, where the care even drives left a bit or longer even not touching the gamepad, because of the vague deadzone of the sticks.

    I hope the new Logitech gamepads will produce better results, though i am not expecting wonders.

    • Hi Bernd,

      Our analog sticks have very precise return-to-center characteristics and do not have a significant deadzone. I am confident that if you have the opportunity to try one, you’ll be happy with its performance in driving games.


    • Hi newtypeman,

      We have been producing F510s for distribution across all of Asia already. I don’t have visibility into availability in specific countries, however, when a product becomes visible on our website it is generally available for purchase locally, or will be soon. Since the Korean version of shows the F510, I would recommend contacting local shops to see if they have ordered or can order them.


    • Hi Quickspeedy,

      I haven’t been able to play it myself, but assuming FIFA11 correctly supports XInput gamepads, the F510 should work out of the box in XInput mode. If not, you can switch it to DirectInput mode, and it will be recognized by the game as a Rumblepad 2 controller. Either way, you should be fine.


  • Hello,

    Is there any kind of ship date for this controller? According to they appear to already have this controller in stock but I haven’t received an email for shipment yet from my preorder from Logitech.


    • Hi Ryan,

      Shipments should start as soon as the preorder button is gone from the website. If you have not received a shipment email, I recommend contacting customer support for further information on your order.


  • Hi i have been reding you’re replys chris and was wondering.
    the two triggers will work like the xbox360 one right,if they work in game?
    Say gta4 for instance.

    and i can also use the triggers if i press a switch for gta 3/vc/sa.

    What i would like to know is say i been playing gta4 xinput and then wanted to play gta3 DirectInput.can i just switch the switch from xinput to DirectInput without restarting the pc?

    Also is it possible to do it in game without restarting the game?

    • Hi Tony,

      In XInput mode, the gamepad will work exactly like the MS controller – including the triggers. You can switch to DirectInput mode without restarting the PC, and the triggers will function as buttons. Some games can detect the gamepad switching from XInput to DirectInput mode without being restarted, but many cannot. If it doesn’t work, it would be up to the developer to make it do so.


  • Just make them auto-detect as an XBox controller and you win. I ditched my Logitech and got an XBox due to compatibility problems. I play games for FUN, not spending hours tweaking crap.

    • Hi Andrew,

      The new gamepads follow Microsoft’s XInput controller specification completely, so games that correctly support XInput gamepads will automatically detect them with no configuration necessary.


  • Hey now I want to buy a new wireless gamepad – torn between factory outlet
    Logitech Cordless Rumblepad II, Logitech’s new wireless F710 – I play mostly – Need for Speed Dirt 2, Burnout Paradies, Batman and the like. Old Logitech Dual Action me and cut through wires short-circuited, so I want to buy a new gamepad.

    In what amounts to 710 more – I have reproached both DirectInput and XInput technology – that is said to operate both old and new games.

    But the old Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 years proven, yet again.

    But I’d rather buy a new model 710 – so it is better to buy??

    Thanks for the reply Chris – Peter – Tschech Republics

    • Hi Peter – CZ,

      The F710 will have better future compatibility as more game developers stop supporting DirectInput and move toward XInput. And in DirectInput mode, it will be recognized by classic games as a Cordless RumblePad 2. The Cordless RumblePad 2 is a great product, but the F710 is definitely a big step forward. I’m sure you’ll be happy with either, but I think you’ll be happier with the silver one. 😉


  • the pad tha ive been waiting for, DirectInput + Xinput = Win 😀

    RumblePad 2 user here for many years, any chance when will they be arriving in the Philippines?

    • Hi XTR,

      Unfortunately, I don’t have information about availability in specific countries. My recommendation would be to contact a local distributor – perhaps the one where you acquired the RumblePad 2.


  • Hello i have a question about your controllers.

    Can you reprogram the controller to have a diffrent button mapping on the controller as hardware mapping or true a software? as im starting to have a slight issue with some games not alowing complete button mapping to ones own liking.

    • Hi sanny,

      In DirectInput mode you can change the location of the various gamepad buttons in the Profiler software. Each button can be reassigned to perform the action of any other button. This is in addition to the ability to play back keyboard keystrokes and mouse inputs and button clicks.

      In XInput mode it is not possible to reconfigure the gamepad, as Microsoft made a design decision to try to standardize controller layouts on PC.


  • I have a few questions:

    1. I see that the rim around the analog sticks is now round instead of square. Are the analog sticks themselves the same as the RumblePad 2? I always thought they were too loose and didn’t feel as tight as Microsoft or Nintendo analog sticks, so I would like to know if this has been improved.

    2. Is the battery pack area on the back of the wireless version shaped the same as the Cordless Rumblepad 2? With the RumblePad 2, I had to go with the wired version because my fingers couldn’t wrap around the wireless one properly due to the protruding battery area.

    3. How long is the cord on the F510?

    • Hi NF,

      The sticks have the same force profile as our previous gamepads’ sticks. The battery area is about the same on the F710 as the RumblePad 2 – small changes were made in order to accommodate the new analog triggers, but the feeling is very similar. And the cord on the F510 is 6 feet long.


    • Hi lexo1000,

      I do not have a specific date for availability in France. They have shipped to our European distribution center and are making their way through various countries. I would check with a local retailer, such as Fnac, to see when they anticipate receiving them.


  • i received my game pad just a couple days ago and im very hap with the new rumble pad. the only thing is that when switched to Xinput the back triggers are no longer pressure sensitive. Also what does the Logitech button do in the middle? ive tried pressing it, but it wont do anything.

    • Hi Kooprt,

      In XInput mode, the triggers should be fully analog. In DirectInput mode they function as buttons and are not analog. The Logitech button functions as the Home button in Windows Live games.


    • Hi Jeremy,

      The F310, F510, and F710 are designed for PC. In DirectInput mode, they should give you basic gamepad functionality in most games when plugged into a PS3. However, some functions like vibration and tilt will not be available, they do not have a PS button, and not all PS3 games work with DirectInput gamepads.


  • A few years ago I bought a Dual Action Gamepad. After 5 minutes of play, the left analog stick was loosing sensivity and it was not possible to run a full square line by the left stick at the test page of my device.

    At first, I thought the issue was driver related and checked my driver version but it was already up to date (and no later driver fixed the problem). Then I thought the device I got was defective but after I searched the net for a while and I found out that the left stick problem was not related only to the gamepad I bought. Because in forums, lots of people were complaining about the same problem. They said the potentiometers Logitech used in left analog stick were not working properly. I could find no possible way to fix the problem, so I had to discard my new and quality looking Dual Action Gamepad. And after that day I never bought any other Logitech gamepads.

    But for PC there is not much option for a quality gamepad other than Logitech, so I want to buy the new F710 now. But first, I want to know if this “left stick issue” is addressed and fixed by Logitech and does not occur in these F series gamepads. Can you confirm this?

    • Hi Yigit,

      The F710 should not exhibit the symptoms you describe. We continually monitor our products’ performance in the field, and if component issues like the one you described pop up we work as quickly as possible to correct them in those and in future products. We have improved our minijoysticks several times over the course of the life of the Dual Action Gamepad, and the new pads have benefited from these improvements.


  • I bought F710 on Monday and I like it very much, especially the XInput mode. I just want to say thank you Logitech for this great gamepad 🙂

  • Please can you advise me when the F310 will be available for sale from your website for the UK?

    I note from previous posts that you do not have this information available. But someone in Logitech must know, and so it would be great if you would find out who that person is, then speak with them, find out when and then let us know. Even an estimate would be better than no information.

    We are all counting on you Chris.

  • cześć,mam f510,włączyłem 3 pierwsze gry i przyciski w grach nie odpowiadaja tym na padzie,tzn.w grze A to wybierz a B to wstecz a na padzie jest na odwrót B to wybierz a A to wstecz.dlaczego tak?w czym problem?

  • Hi Chris Pate,
    Any of those gamepads have a utility to adjust sensitivity and dead zone on the sticks? i posted a question at Logitech forum but folks there don’t seem to have an appetite to answer back!


    • Hi bApTizE,

      You can adjust axis settings on a per-profile basis when the gamepad is in DirectInput mode using the Logitech Gaming Software. When in XInput mode, the gamepad uses the standard Windows XInput gamepad driver and such adjustments are not possible.


  • hi, i m a rumblepad 2 user, i love the design and the touch of the game pad, but the problem with the gamepad is that most new game title doesnt give/support the vibration feedback..which is very disappointing to me. i hv xbox 360 controller for windows, this controller awesome to me cause it vibrate all latest games available. for me vibration feedback is very important and is a must hav features for me when i wana buy a new gamepad. the latest game that vibrate wit my rumblepad2 is darksiders, it was nice but somehow the vibration isnt a good/strong like the 360 controller. the vibration is quite soft, i prefer a strong/powerful vibration feedback.

    i always love the ps2/ps3 gamepad design thus im interested to get the f510, my question is this, since the f510 has this XInput mode, so will this controller vibrate in all the new games, especially in racing and action games like the 369 controller for windows? will it give the vibration feedback like the 360 controller?

    • Hi jackdadon,

      If the game correctly supports XInput gamepads and vibration feedback, the F510 will play vibration feedback correctly.


  • i dont want to trash my old ps2 like other older gameboy..
    so can i use the logitech F710 to my PS2?
    i have the usb to ps2 connector..

    • Hi greatceles,

      The F710 will not work with the PS2. It has limited functionality on the PS3 – all the controls will work except the Home button and vibration feedback.


  • I can’t install my gamepad F310, the software is installed but when it finish the profiler can’t find it, it says that there’s no hardware to install, I’m not sure what to do,

    • Hi Erick,

      In XInput mode, the software will not detect the gamepad. You will need to switch it to DirectInput mode using the X / D switch on the bottom of the gamepad. If you download v5.10 off of our website, it should automatically detect whether you are in the correct mode and prompt you to switch if you are not.

      For most newer games, you should leave it in XInput mode as this will ensure greater compatibility. DirectInput mode is only needed for older games that support DirectInput gamepads only and the Logitech Gaming Software is only necessary when the game does not support gamepads at all.


  • Hi, I live in Australia and really want to buy f510. I searched all the web but only found that f510 is still not available here. Could you give me some information of what dealers here I should contact in order to buy it? Thank you.

    • Hi Charles,

      When it is available in Australia it will probably be at Dick Smith or Harvey Norman. It all depends on who decides to purchase them from us.


  • Hi Chris

    I have difficulties to install my new F710 on my 27″ iMac i7. The system profiler is telling me the correct model but it says it needs to be configured. Neither Gamepad companion nor USB overdrive is getting the gamepad.
    Booting with Windows 7 i do have nearly the same. After having installed both the connect utility and the gaming software the windows hardware controller still says the driver is missing.
    Any help will be appreciated.


    • Hi Marcus,

      The gamepad is not designed for, nor has it been tested on, Mac.

      In XInput mode, the gamepad should work with standard OS drivers and no software installation should be necessary. In DirectInput mode, the gamepad should be detected by the driver installation. I recommend contacting Support using the link at the top of this page – they will be able to assist you much more effectively than I can.


  • Hi,

    I’ve replaced my Rumblepad 2 by F510 and I have to admit that deadzones are much bigger than in older gamepad. E.g. When playing GTA4 with Rumblepad 2 in DirectInput mode deadzones are really small, while with F510 (DirectInput) deadzones are much bigger. It seems that in Xinput they are even bigger than in DI.

    Are those deadzones Xinput (MS) requirement? Plenty of games that use both APIs (like GTAIV or Wolfenstein) tend to have much bigger deadzones in Xinput mode. Also, why Rumblepad 2 deadzones are much smaller in DirectInput games?

    Anyway, I have to admit that F510 is a really great quality gamepad.

    Best regards! 🙂

  • Hi,

    Can we use two F710 gamepads at the same time on the same PC? Or can we use F710 and Logitech G930 Headset at the same time without any signal issues? Or would they interfere with each other’s signals?

    • Hi Yigit,

      You can use two F710 gamepads at the same time on the same PC if the game supports multiple gamepads. The two receivers will not interfere with each other, nor will they interfere with the G930.


  • Hi Chris, is there any way to install Logitech F310 on windows XP? I got a lot of my games here and i’m not planning to upgrade to 7 or vista. I just bought it and couldnt install it via the mini CD or even from software from the logitech support. Thanks!

    • Hi Ivan,

      The F310 should install just fine on Windows XP. For the gamepad to function in XInput mode, you will need to acquire the XInput gamepad driver from Microsoft’s site if you do not already have it installed. Installation of the Logitech software is only necessary if you wish to program the F310 to play back keyboard keystrokes in games that do not support DirectInput gamepads. For assistance in getting the Logitech Gaming Software to install, please contact Support using the link at the top of this page.


    • Hi Felix,

      FIFA11 does not support vibration feedback for DirectInput gamepads like the RumblePad 2. It only supports vibration feedback with XInput gamepads, like our new F510 and F710 gamepads. Unless EA were to put support for DirectInput vibration feedback into FIFA11, the RumblePad 2 won’t have vibration feedback in that game.


  • quote
    [ Hi bApTizE,

    You can adjust axis settings on a per-profile basis when the gamepad is in DirectInput mode using the Logitech Gaming Software. When in XInput mode, the gamepad uses the standard Windows XInput gamepad driver and such adjustments are not possible.


    To me it sounds like DirectInput is better option than XInput although the later was recently introduced! Xbox360 or console in general is #1 reason that our PC games are dumped down.

    Thank you Chris.

    • Hi bApTizE,

      Each input format has its strengths and weaknesses, but XInput is important because most new games do not support DirectInput devices and do support XInput devices. So from a configuration perspective, DirectInput may be superior, but if the gamepad won’t work because the game doesn’t support DirectInput it doesn’t really help. 🙂


  • Hey Chris,

    Yesterday I bought the Logitech F310 gamepad. The problem Im having with it is that why is the left analog stick acting like its the D-pad? It does on both inputs.

    Like Im playing LoZ Majoras mask for N64 emulator and when I walk, I feel like I cant freely move my character. only like the 8 directions (North, west, east, northwest, etc) on the left analog stick. I have to keep tapping on the joystick to left and right rapidly to walk normally. Any suggestions?

  • you quoted:
    The Rumble Gamepad F510 offers all the same features as the Gamepad F310, plus dual vibration motors, so when you’re playing games that support vibration feedback, you’ll feel every hit, crash and explosion
    The Wireless Gamepad F710 has all the capabilities of the Rumble Gamepad F510

    why when i compared the features between F510 and F710
    the vibration feedback in F510 is unchecked while F710 is checked?

    heres the link:

    do the F510 has the same vibration feedback like the F710?

    btw you helped a lot, Thanks Chris! 🙂

    • Hi greatceles2003,

      The Rumble Gamepad F510 does have vibration feedback. The feature checkbox is incorrect.


  • hi everyone,

    Is there any reason why the F710, XInput mode, cannot be used on vista 64bit? Plugged in the nano receiver, and vista can’t find any drivers for it.

    • Hi bcasper,

      The XInput driver should be native to your Windows Vista install. There should not be any download or configuration required. I recommend contacting Support using the link at the top of the page for assistance in resolving your issue.


  • I’m trying to play the new medal of honor with the F310 on Windows 7. The right stick is super sensitive no matter what sensitivity settings I use. Any suggerstions?

    • Hi Dave,

      Sorry for the delayed reply – it can take me a while to get to these when I’m out of the country.

      Sensitivity settings in XInput mode are controlled by Windows and the game. There is no way to adjust it in Logitech’s software. If you are using the pad in DirectInput mode, you can edit the sensitivity of the minijoystick in the Logitech Gaming Software. The online help system in the software goes over how to do this in great detail.


  • hi everyone,

    I was wondering when there will be a new steering wheel comming out for the PC.
    The G27 is too expensive en the driving force GT is too playstation-like.
    hopefully someone of you guys know it. 😀


    • Hi Matthias,

      The Driving Force GT is the official wheel of Gran Turismo 5. We have not announced any new wheels.


  • Yeah i’ve tried your Logitech joystick and gamepad with Second life witch is compatalbe with these game controlers but they will not programe to work. What is it that must be done to get this workable.

    • Hi Claudette,

      From what I can tell, Second Life does not have complete native support for gamepads, so you would need to create a profile using the Logitech Profiler software. There is a very detailed walkthrough to setting up gamepads with Second life on their wiki page. If you have followed these instructions and it is still not working, please contact Support using the link at the top of this page. They can help you to get the gamepad working if it is not already, and from there you can contact Linden Labs to get the gamepad working in Second Life.


  • Hey there, can you tell me if there what the difference is between these new three ones against rumblepad 2 and dual action?

    And is there any difference between F710 and F510 except that F710 are cordless?

    cheers 🙂

    • Hi Tobias,

      The three new gamepads support Microsoft’s XInput or “Common Controller” technology, which is a completely different way of communicating with the PC than our older pads. This makes them more compatible with newer games, which generally do not support the older “DirectInput” communication standard if they support gamepads at all. The F310, F510, and F710 are still compatible with DirectInput, however, so older games that support gamepads will still work correctly. Additionally, the minijoystick apertures have been changed from squares to circles, and the F710 has been given rubber grips (where the Cordless RumblePad 2 had none).

      The only real differences between the F510 and F710 are wirelessness (and the associated batteries and receiver that come with that feature) and color.


  • Hello there… I have the cordless rumblepad 2 gamepad and i am very pleased… The only problem is the vibration…It does not work for most of the games i played… Anyway… I want to play games with virbation ( GTA IV) and i was thinking should i buy the F710 or the XBOX 360 black wireless gamepad for pc… Both of them have triggers and same stuff … If vibration works with “Games For Windows Live” games i am going to buy the F710… Will it work…??? And something else… Can the cordless rumblepad transmiter be used for both of my gamepads or do i have to connect F710’s??? Thanks in advance…

    • Hi Jordanelis,

      GTA 4 correctly supports vibration feedback and XInput gamepads, so you should have no issues with the F710. In general, if the “Games for Windows Live” game supports gamepads and vibration feedback, it will work with any of the three F-series gamepads. Some games still do not support gamepads, however, so these games will not be able to work without using the Profiler software.

      The receiver for the F710 is completely different technology from the Cordless RumblePad 2, and the two are not compatible.


    • Hi F1-Fan,

      When we tested F1 2010 the F310 worked properly both for controlling cars and menus in XInput mode.


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