Introducing Ultimate Ears 100 Music Genre-Inspired Earphones

Music is as diverse as the people who listen to it. With this in mind, Ultimate Ears today introduced the Ultimate Ears 100 Noise-Isolating Earphones in five music genre-inspired designs. Whether your MP3 player is filled with electro beats or urban funk, the Ultimate Ears 100 allows you to match your mood to your musical tastes. And, because these earphones are tuned by the same engineers who tune stage earphones for your favorite artists, you know you’re getting superior acoustics.

On top of delivering music-genre inspired designs, the Ultimate Ears 100 earphones feature up to 24 dBs of noise isolation so you can enjoy your music without distraction.

For comfort, each pair of earphones comes with four sizes of ear cushions so you get a snug fit for periods of extended listening. And, the earphones are designed for rock-solid durability.

You will even find the hot new artist LIGHTS and Switchfoot lead singer Jon Foreman featured on the packaging with quotes telling you why they choose to use Ultimate Ears Custom Stage Earphones for their live performances.


Director of Product Marketing

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  • That’s a brilliant idea!

    that will definitely broaden the customer base as it’ll cater to everyone’s taste…
    the bass-heads, rock boys, classic fans

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