‘Host with the Most’ Hopefuls: Spotlight on LA Finalists

Now that the final nine are announced, let’s get to know each of them a little better. Over the next few days, we’ll highlight the finalists in each city. We’ll start with the LA hopefuls!

First up is Ashley Esqueda. She’s the host of the weekly web series “This Week in Mobile.” She’s also a huge Android fanatic, hence the Twitter handle, @AndroidAshley!

We asked Ashley what big plans she has for LA if she’s your ‘Host with the Most.’ Here’s what she said:

Los Angeles is the epicenter (sorry about the earthquake pun) of the most important part of Logitech Revue — Television! We live in La-La Land, and I’m more than prepared to use our location to really showcase how Logitech and Google TV are going to change the way we watch television. My ‘theme’ I have in mind were I to be chosen as Logitech’s ‘Host with the Most’ for Los Angeles is “When Worlds Collide,” because that’s exactly what Logitech and Google TV are doing: Giving consumers a world where they don’t HAVE to choose between the Internet and their television. They get everything at their fingertips with the touch of a button.

Let’s talk about the epic, epic party I’m gonna plan should I be chosen as Los Angeles Loft host! In addition to all kinds of other theme parties I’ve got cooking in my head, there’s one event that I’m truly excited to bring to life. My plan is to showcase how Internet television and standard television will now hold equal shares of a viewer’s imagination and interest. Let’s throw a REAL Hollywood party — get cast and crew from television shows that rely greatly on a large online audience and/or online participation and buzz (Glee, Mad Men, Tosh.0, Dexter, American Idol, True Blood, Walking Dead, The Soup… you get the picture) and bring ’em to the party. Then mash up their world of glittering lights and polished production with the beauty of online web television: James Gunn’s PG Porn, The Guild, Revision3, ThisWeekIn, and Diggnation. Mix it up! Show them what Revue and Google TV are capable of. Get them talking about it, using it, loving it… When Hollywood gets excited about a new piece of TV Technology, there’s always great buzz surrounding it.

Next up is Rob Blasko, who is an entertainment and new media producer. He’s a tweeting and blogging rockstar with some big plans if he’s picked as the LA ‘Host with the Most:’

Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world, and the LA Logitech Loft should live up to the hype! Like Logitech Revue with Google TV, the Logitech Loft will offer something for everyone.

With the Fall season upon us, television networks are ready to roll out their new seasons. I’ve got plans for major premiere nights of the hottest shows, including parties for Showtime’s “Dexter” and a “Glee” sing-a-long (with special guests from Glee)! If you’re a foodie, you can look forward to food-themed TV events including our own “Hell’s Kitchen” cook-offs in the loft’s kitchen, amazing cupcakes made by one of Cupcake Wars’ fiercest competitors, and “Top Chef” viewings with former contestant and LA resident Chef Ludo.

Football season is also coming up fast. I’ll be hosting College Football Beer Brunches, where rabid fans can get their pigskin fix watching East coast games on Saturday mornings. If you’re more of a basketball fan, you’ll definitely want to attend the Pac-10 Basketball Media Day Official After-Party at the Logitech Loft, where you can get some advice on improving your lay-up from the Pac-10’s brightest players.

With these events, combined with some others up my sleeve (screenings of independent web series and films, art and music nights, and blogger meetups), I can make sure that everyone feels welcome at the LA Logitech Loft. So whether you’re interested in primetime television, reality competitions, sports, movies, or online video, there’s an invite waiting for you!

Our final LA hopeful is Jonathan Rettinger. He calls himself a “tech fiend” and you can find his work on TechnoBuffalo, his YouTube channel and you can follow him on Twitter.

Here’s Jon’s big plans if he’s chosen as the LA loft host:

The chance to be the LA ‘Host with the Most’ is an amazing opportunity, one I’d love to share with the world! So we can all enjoy the experience together, every second I am in the loft I will have a live webcast going so people can interact, see what is going on, and ask questions. It will also give the audience a personal sense of who I am and what Google TV is all about. I want to encourage a sense of community around Logitech, Google TV, so I will couple the live streams with regular YouTube (jon4lakers) videos detailing my experiences and showing them in their ‘natural habitat.’ Hopefully at this point, the audience will be genuinely excited about the loft and my time there. I will then make a video inviting the entire community to join me to ‘Rock the Loft’ where they will have the unique opportunity to enjoy one of the cities most amazing pieces of real estate and get their ‘geek on’ with like minded people. Google TV will of course be the center of these, and we will be showing the events live via webcast to the world, and playing at the same time on our Google TV.

This is just a sampling of how I plan to leverage my social media presence, love of technology, reputation to help promote Google TV and the Logitech brand.

What cool things would you like to see go on at the LA loft?


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