Snoopy Realtor Gets Busted: A Logitech Digital Video Security Story

Congratulations goes out to J Moll, who is February’s customer story contest winner. I believe that the large majority of realtors are honest and trustworthy. My experience over the years has been very positive, but this video proves that there may be a few bad apples floating around out there. I’ve been advised over the years that homes sell better when they are filled with furniture, and we all don’t have the luxury of buying a new home before putting our old home on the market. This leaves us somewhat vulnerable as realtors parade strangers around our furnished homes. For the most part, it would not be the realtor that I would fear, but the strangers they are touring around the home when I’m not around. This is a good way for a bad guy to take inventory of personal possessions and determine the health of your overall home security. Placing a few cameras around to record what goes on while you’re away is an ideal way to stay in control while your home is on the market.

Kudos goes out to J Moll for being pro-active in keeping an eye on the inside of his home while away.


Chief Product Officer, WiLife

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