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We provided another addition to our set of Harmony Tips and Tricks post last week. This time the Harmony team helps you add accessory packs to your Harmony 900! What sort of tips would you like to hear next?

Some gaming coverage came in last week. Hexus Gaming tried out our Logitech G110 keyboard and said “simply plug the keyboard into your USB port and you’re good to go. The software takes a matter of a couple of minutes to install.” Ergo Necessities reviewed our Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse and said, “it offers your features and benefits with unparalleled precision while playing. And gives you the advantage over other players, as you have incredible control right in your hand.” They go on to say, “So if you want to experience gaming like you never have before, then look into the Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse, you will wonder why you waited so long.”

Check out more Logitech coverage below:


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  • omg tht is an excellent layout for the type of gamer I am. I am extremely happy with my seitek though it has led’s in it and its pretty in blue, red, and purple.

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