Logitech in the News

October 4, 2010 Comments Off

In case you missed it, we unveiled the new Logitech Wireless Headset F540 last week. Gearlog says, “Imagine if you could switch between your PlayStation 3, XBox 360, and your …

Logitech in the News

September 27, 2010 Comments Off

Plenty of product reviews to discuss! CNET reviewed both the Logitech C510 and C310 HD Webcams. The C510 scored an “excellent” 4/5 rating and they said it’s “an inexpensive solution …

Your ‘Host with the Most’ Winners!

September 24, 2010 Comments Off

We announced our three ‘Host with the Most’ winners this morning. Head over to the Loft page and meet your LA, NYC and SF hosts!

Logitech Revue: Lonely TV – Part 5

September 21, 2010 Comments Off

Poor TV. Ignored. Unloved. Isolated. But soon TV will be at the center of your family’s entertainment once again. Hold on, TV. Revue is nearly here.

Ultimate Ears’ Artist to Watch: Outlett

September 20, 2010 Comments Off

UE is everywhere. Never forget this. We found Outlett while visiting SIR rehearsal studios in LA. This group has become a great friend to UE and a great place to …