Powered by Light, Protected by Logitech

Water cooler talk gets even more juicy around the holidays so any chance I get to “take measurements for tinsel and assign corners for mistletoe” in the break room, I take! After several days of going undercover as Logitech’s Chief Holiday Officer, I was coming up from the chats with more and more inside scoop on the latest and greatest gadgets this season.

One of the products recommended to me was the Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad. This thing does so much more than just protect your iPad – it helps boost productivity. It has a Bluetooth keyboard that’s powered by light! And if you happen to find yourself in the North Pole during winter with no sunlight at all, fear not, for a fully powered Solar Keyboard Folio can work for up to two years in complete darkness. You can even personalize the prized accessory by picking it up in Carbon Black, Urban Grey, Ice Blue or Coral Pink.

Protect, power and personalize your iPad with some color going into the New Year and vote for the Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad (or another favorite Logitech product) on Facebook for a chance to win it today!


Chief Holiday Officer