Say “Hi” in High Def – The Logitech TV Cam HD with Skype

While at Logitech, I wandered into a break room under the guise of installing a holiday stocking mantel (an important Chief Holiday Officer duty), and imagine my surprise when I found I could talk with the folks on the HDTV.

I thought someone had spiked my eggnog, but it turns out I was using a Logitech TV Cam HD, which truly makes Skype come to life on any HDTV. With built-in Skype and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can call anyone with a Skype account – on their smartphone, laptop, TV or tablet – direct from your TV, no software or computer needed, just an available HDMI port!

Plus, the whole family can participate in calls as the TV Cam offers clear, full-room views due to its wide-angle HD video that fits everyone on-screen comfortably. And it’s so easy to use; anyone can enjoy it regardless of whether or not they are as tech savvy as myself.

Friends and family are sure to go ga-ga over this gadget, so go ahead and vote for the Logitech TV Cam HD – or another one of your favorite Logitech products of the season – on Facebook for a chance to win it today!


Chief Holiday Officer


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