Keeping Your Holiday Packages Safe from Theft

‘Tis the season of gift giving, which means many of us will be shipping and receiving various packages this time of year. Whether we order holiday gifts online or receive them from family and friends, quite a few packages arrive at our front doors in December. Although we might worry about these packages being broken or lost, we rarely think someone would steal them right off our front porch.

But alas, people do. NBC’s TODAY Show recently reported that police officers across the country are seeing an uptick in the number of packages being stolen after delivery to homes. Luckily, many of these thieves are being caught in the act by home security systems, such as our Logitech Alert Security System, and are brought to justice by local police departments. In fact, much of the footage show on the TODAY Show segment came from Logitech Alert cameras!

To help ensure your packages are safe at your front door this holiday season, consider installing the Logitech Alert 750e Outdoor Master System. Easy to set up, weatherproof, and customizable for each homeowner’s needs, the Logitech Alert 750e Outdoor camera has a wide angle lens, HD viewing capabilities, and powerful night vision that works in complete darkness. What’s more, our Logitech Alert cameras record when motion is detected and send real-time email or text alerts to you with images of whatever is in the camera’s view – allowing you to still be there, even when you’re not.

Check out the TODAY Show story and let us know – will you be installing a Logitech Alert Security System this holiday season? Tell us in your comments below.


Senior Global Product Marketing Manager, Video Security Business Unit


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