Bring Harmony to your Holidays – The Logitech Harmony Touch

Just imagine – a remote control with an intuitive touch-screen that allows you to swipe and tap to all your favorite entertainment! Now that is the stuff of technology legends and lore! With some good old-fashioned digital home hospitality, the Logitech TV Cam HD folks gave me some inside scoop on this wondrous little gadget sure to bring peace and ease to the entire family this holiday season.

Channel surfing, or more like hunting, is a thing of the past with the Logitech Harmony Touch. This nifty remote can be programmed with up to 50 of your favorite television channel icons – and with one tap it powers on your devices and tunes to it.

And with its bright, intuitive touch screen, it’s as easy on the eyes as it is to use. Access your favorite TV channels, movies, games, music all with a simple tap, and it’s just as easy to connect with your loved ones by enhancing your Skype calls over your Logitech TV Cam HD!

If you missed my undercover footage yesterday, don’t worry, you can check it out below. And don’t forget  – I’m using my gig as Chief Holiday Officer at Logitech to give away all of the greatest tech gadgets of this holiday season. Vote for the Logitech Harmony Touch  or your favorite Logitech product of the season on Facebook for a chance to win it!


Chief Holiday Officer