Following Unprecedented Indiegogo Campaign, Logitech Reach Will Be Available for Pre-order

We are delighted to share that Logitech Reach will be available for the educational marketplace this summer. If you haven’t already heard of Reach, it’s a one-of-a-kind product for Logitech and for our customers. For customers, it’s unique in that it allows creators, gamers, collaborators, and educators to share analog content like never before. 

Reach allows people to perform one-handed interaction, provide lateral adjustments while keeping the image upright, and allowing for independent vertical adjustment with full 360-degree rotation. Customers can easily and fluidly move the camera while maintaining its orientation, allowing for a natural flow while sharing analog content. Through its design and advanced features, Logitech Reach is poised to give a wide variety of content sharers a new level of ease, flexibility and control in a stunning range of use cases. 

We introduced Reach to the market in Fall of 2023 and followed up with an Indiegogo Enterprise campaign, where we were able to leverage their campaign and analytics capabilities along with their experience working with other leading global brands. The partnership with Indiegogo Enterprise has allowed us to deepen our insights and drive real-time, in-market validation and accelerate the introduction of Logitech Reach to early adopters and innovation seekers. 

Becky Center, CEO of Indiegogo Enterprise commented, “The Logitech Reach campaign had an incredible start, achieving its goal in less than five minutes and was more than 700% funded within two hours. In fact Logitech Reach was the strongest ‘day one’ of any camera campaign on Indiegogo in 2023 and precisely what we and our backer community like to see – an innovative and compelling product from a legendary brand like Logitech.”

Along the way, we’ve also shared Logitech Reach with a number of educators so they could try it out and share their thoughts. Lavanya Jawaharlal, president & co-founder of STEM Center USA, recently wrote a review of her  hands-on experience, where she states, “Logitech Reach is superior in its adjustability and technical aspects including camera quality. It also combines multiple functionalities into one product.” Jawaharlal used Reach in a classroom setting, which is just one of many use cases for the new camera. 

We’re excited to move into this next phase of production, and we couldn’t have done it without the insightful input from our customer community. For more detailed product and pre-ordering information, please visit

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