Shine On With LIGHTSYNC RGB by Logitech G x Dynamic Lighting on Windows 11


Author: Andrew Coonrad, Head of G Software Product

Game streaming and content creation is continuously expanding with new tools. Gamers desire products that push the boundaries of play and allow for more customization options than ever.

Customizable lighting has been one of the most effective ways to add a unique personality to devices and experiences. It’s also a powerful force for immersion, creativity and learning, and sets your game stream apart from the others.

LIGHTSYNC RGB empowers users with endless lighting customization. Now, with the addition of Dynamic Windows, LIGHTSYNC just got bigger, better, and brighter. Shine on!”

Dynamic Lighting empowers users to get the most out of their RGB devices with one consistent experience across all compatible devices. This new standard provides a new way for Logitech G users to configure their LIGHTSYNC capable devices by leveraging Windows 11 to directly send lighting to their devices.

Dynamic Lighting allows for third party applications on Windows to directly address RGB-enabled LEDs on connected devices. Any compatible device can receive lighting events, and any developer can build applications using this standard to control their lighting environment.

LIGHTSYNC synchronizes color and lighting for customized effects, bringing your game setup to life with immersive and reactive lighting, full-spectrum animation, and more. You can also synchronize your lighting across all your LIGHTSYNC-enabled keyboards and headsets with ease, as well as Logitech G’s newly released Yeti GX, Yeti Orb microphone, and Litra Beam LX light—the perfect arsenal for delivering great content to your community.

With the addition of more partners, apps and games to the Dynamic Lighting ecosystem, users will also be able to automatically have all of their compatible RGB enabled devices dance to the same tune, or battle the same bad guys, or even practical applications like email or messaging notifications. Using different lighting to help users learn hotkeys or how to play a new game can be powerful and immersive. Of course, there is also the joy of choosing your color palette and the effect that all of your devices will display at once, simply by using one tool. 

At Logitech G, we are excited to bring support for Dynamic Lighting on Windows 11 to all of our LIGHTSYNC-enabled devices to market today. 

Bring your lighting to the next level today, and we look forward to seeing our community’s newest additions to the Dynamic Lighting ecosystem.

For more information on G HUB and LIGHTSYNC, click here.

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