Announcing New Indiegogo Perks For Harmony Smart Home


The Internet of Things is a rapidly growing network of devices and services that work together to improve our daily life. Logitech Harmony is working with exciting new companies and products such as Flic and Switchmate to make these technologies easier and more intuitive.

Flic, makers of a simple wireless smart button that controls Smart Home devices with single or double clicks, recently completed a round of crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Flic gives us a glimpse of the new Smart Home, where devices will take on unexpected forms and functions. Combining with the multi-device control Harmony through the Harmony API, gives emerging devices like Flic smart buttons access to a unified ecosystem of command and control in the home.

Building the success of the Harmony Smart Home perk that included one Harmony Home hub and three Flic buttons for $129 in early December 2014, Harmony is excited to announce another new Indiegogo-only perk for brand new Smart Home devices entering the market.

Continuing the spirit of transforming your ordinary homes into a Smart Home, Harmony has now partnered with Switchmate, a light switch cover that transforms traditional light switches into Wi-Fi-connected smart controllers. Just snap the Switchmate onto a standard light switch to automate whatever is connected to it. It’s that simple! And through the integration of the Harmony API, now you can control multiple devices with a single tap of a Switchmate.

Imagine walking into your bedroom and shutting down all the devices by simply tapping a Switchmate that launches the ‘Good Night’ activity.This activity turns off your lights, TV and cable box with a single touch.

Harmony is proud to have a Smart Home perk for Switchmate as well, one Harmony Home Hub + one Switchmate for $129. Learn more here!


When will the Smart Home perk be available?

    • The Smart Home perk will be available starting 3/16/2015 until it is sold out.

Who is responsible for sending the Smart Home perk purchased?

    • Switchmate will be shipping you the Smart Home perk which includes one Switchmate product and one Harmony Home Hub.

What Harmony products are supported?

Why can’t consumers use partner product with other Harmony products?

    • Our integration with the partner is based on having a our Home Hub technology which allows the startup integration to work correctly.

The perk was sold out. Will there be more?

    • Currently there is not plan to offer more of the Smart Home perk once they are sold out.

How does partner and Harmony work together

    • The partner leverages the Harmony API so once the consumer receives the Smart Home perk from partner they will be able to launch Harmony activities through a setup process in the partners app.

Does the partner have access to locks I set up via Harmony?

    • Security is important to us. Currently, partners will not be able to start or end Harmony Activities that include locks.

Who do I contact if I am having issues with my Smart Home perk?  

    • Please contact partner at

When will I receive my Smart Home perk?

    • Switchmate will ship your Smart Home perk December 2015.