Logitech Reach Now Live On Indiegogo For Pre-orders – The Flexible Show-and-Tell Camera

Logitech Reach — a versatile, articulating camera experience, which allows users to stay in the flow while sharing non-digital content during in-person presentations, classes, conference calls, and streams – is now available for pre-order at Indiegogo. Whether you are a creator, educator, gamer, streamer, designer or just want it for business reasons, this is the camera for you!

Logitech Reach allows for an interactive “show and tell” experience so that users can lay out the content to show first, then position the camera with control and ease along multiple axes to tell their story. Reach allows you to stay in the zone with ultimate content capture, flexibility and control.

Logitech Reach features:

  • Crisp view from every vantage point – Logitech Reach builds on the Logitech StreamCam’s premium 1080p / 60fps video quality enhanced with glass optics and smart autofocus to make the audience feel like they are right there. 
  • Easy to position with one motion – Users grip the camera ring and move the camera along the horizontal plane with just one gesture, allowing content to be viewed in a clean, streamlined manner. Guidance indicators help the image stay upright along the way.
  • Zoom in confidently – By pushing a simple analog button and sliding the arm up or down, users enable 4.3x lossless zoom with autofocus making it easy to enthrall the audience with even the smallest of details.
  • Show it the way you see it  – Users can combine the horizontal and vertical movements with the pivoting camera head to create novel vantage points that allow you to share your perspective with ease. 
  • Plug and play experience – Logitech Reach offers a plug and play experience over USB and can be used with most computers and conferencing or streaming platforms, so individuals can have confidence that the camera “just works.” 
  • Adaptable to your space – Operate in full desktop mode by placing Logitech Reach on a table in a well lit space, or switch into a compact stowed mode and pair with the low-profile edge clamp.

Ultimately, whether you are hosting virtual meetings, tutoring online, collaborating creatively, gaming, or live streaming to their followers, Logitech Reach empowers everyone to create an immersive “show and tell” experience. 

The wait is over! Be sure to pre-order yours today here.