Harmony Integrates With Ubi And Ivee


Voice is growing as a powerful, yet simple, way of interacting with our devices. Logitech is working with groundbreaking smart home pioneers like Ubi and ivee to give you direct access to your Harmony Activities with the sound of your voice.

Say your kids are clamoring for some after school cartoons on Netflix. Maybe your Harmony Home Control remote isn’t handy and your smartphone is charging in the kitchen. With Ubi’s connection to your Harmony Home Hub, getting things started is as easy as saying “Ok, Ubi. Watch Netflix”. Ubi transmits your command to Harmony Home Hub, your TV powers on, Apple TV starts, the sound system is ready, and the kids can get going with Netflix.


Or, imagine you lie down to sleep at the end of a long day. A thought pops into your head. Did I shut off the lights in the kitchen? With Ivee as your smart home alarm clock, there’s no need to get out of bed, go downstairs and check. Just say “hello, ivee” and your voice can tell your Harmony Home Hub to turn off your connected lights while you roll over and drift off to sleep.

Ubi and ivee are just two companies using the Harmony API today. Logitech continues to work with new and exciting partners to connect the frontier of smart home control with the existing devices people use everyday.