Master The Smart Home With A Single Button


Imagine coming home after a long day at work and your smart home is ready, set up just as you like it. The lights are low, the blinds are down and the TV is on with your favorite show ready to play. This is all possible with Harmony Home Control, a smart home hub that works using a Harmony remote or Harmony App on your smartphone or tablet.

With the next wave in home entertainment and automation technology making its way into our homes, you’ll need a way to control connected home devices individually or in groups. Harmony Activities activate up to eight devices together with a single press of a button, with each device performing a different unique task. The ‘Watch A Movie’ Activity for example, turns on your TV, Apple TV, speaker system and lowers the ambient lighting to create the perfect movie watching experience with a single touch.

Features of Harmony Home Control:

Harmony App turns your iOS® or Android™ smartphone or tablet into a personal universal remote. Simply download the app from the App Store℠ or Google Play™. Or, use the included Harmony companion remote.

  • Control home automation devices individually or in groups with dedicated home control buttons.
  • Customize the dedicated media playback, cable/satellite and DVR controls to your preferences on compatible devices.
  • Effortlessly start any one of up to six customizable multi-device Activities with single or double button presses.
  • Works with supported connected home devices, such as Philips Hue™ lights, August™ smart locks and Nest® and Honeywell® thermostats.
  • Control streaming media on compatible advanced home entertainment devices, like Apple TV®, Roku® and Sonos®.
  • Use Harmony Home Control with popular IR or Bluetooth® wireless game consoles such as Xbox One™, Xbox 360®, PlayStation® 3 or Wii®.
  • Replace up to eight traditional home entertainment remotes.

Harness the power of Harmony Home Control, learn about its intuitive, customizable features and buy it here.