A Stand for Any Angle

Your life doesn’t follow the same path every day. It might take a dozen different turns over the course of 24 hours, or even in the next five minutes. You need to be strong, yet flexible, to handle those different angles, and so does your iPad case. Lucky for you, there’s the Logitech AnyAngle.

The Key Three


  • The screen cover also flips behind the iPad and doubles as a sturdy yet versatile stand that allows you to set and view your iPad or iPad mini at any angle within 50 degrees, or even perfectly flat, for a comfortable viewing angle from any position.


  • Once you’ve found the perfect angle, a powerful integrated hinge holds your iPad in place, while hidden magnets keep the stand in place  even if you move with your device.


  • Whether in stand mode or laying flat for reading or browsing the Web, AnyAngle provides a clean and minimalist presentation that complements the design of your iPad.

With a durable frame, the Logitech AnyAngle uses the Logitech Essential Protection System – a durable, shock-absorbent material engineered to withstand bumps, falls, scratches and spills. It also brings a burst of color to your iPad with six unique combinations inspired by a diverse array of spaces and objects. There’s a combination to match your ever-changing personality and mood.


Got an angle on the AnyAngle? We’re asking our fans to suggest use case captions for the 50 degrees of angles – some real, some not so. Check out our Logitech Facebook page for your chance to win!

Not all protective cases for the iPad are created equal. But the AnyAngle gives you everything you need – support, protection and a clear view from every position. Get it all here.