Logitech Introduces New Rugged Combo 4/Touch and Logitech Crayon for iPad

Today, Logitech introduced Rugged Combo 4/Touch and Logitech Crayon, elevating the way teachers teach and students learn with iPad. Rugged Combo 4/Touch are secure cases that protect iPad (10th generation) and offer a durable, kid-proof keyboard and trackpad (the Touch model), and Crayon, a versatile, pixel-precise digital pencil using Apple technology. Crayon brings another dimension to learning and opens up inspiring new avenues of creativity for any class or curriculum through hundreds of Apple Pencil supported apps.

Rugged Combo 4/Touch has been designed to withstand the rough and tumble of the school day, in and out of the backpack, and tested to protect iPad from drops up to 6.5 ft and at least 10,000 micro-drops. Featuring a one-of-a-kind keyboard with truly pluck-free keys that are sealed under a durable and wipeable fabric, Rugged Combo 4/Touch, provides the ultimate protection for iPad (10th gen) with proprietary shock-absorbent technology with a premium typing experience.

With four versatile use modes and an adjustable kickstand, Rugged Combo 4/Touch easily allows students and educators to seamlessly move between classrooms and activities — indoors and outside with reliable protection and a tool that allows you to get more from iPad (10th gen). It is flexible enough for any task or assignment featuring:

  • Type Mode: Pull out the adjustable kickstand and type away.
  • Sketch Mode: Collapse the screen to sketch or take handwritten notes with Logitech Crayon. 
  • View Mode: Fold the keyboard and pull out the kickstand to watch educational videos and more.
  • Read Mode: Fold the keyboard back to read books, articles, and more 

Both Rugged Combo 4/Touch offer a full row of iPadOS shortcut keys, allowing students to access basic commands and routine functions with a single click, including dictation, media controls and more. Using Smart Connector, students can power and pair in one click — no charging or pairing needed — making it easy for kids and saving time for educators. Rugged Combo 4 Touch’s Multi-Touch high precision trackpad gives students free rein to swipe, pinch, and double tap their way through any assignment and easily navigate and engage with thousands of educational apps in a natural, intuitive way. Crayon can be stored in the latch so iPad and accessories always stay together. A large asset tagging window on the keyboard case makes it easier for teachers and districts to manage multiple devices.

In the event a repair or replacement is needed, Rugged Combo 4/Touch has been designed with a modular, detachable spine, allowing you to purchase only the part that’s needed. Not only does this option help educators and ITDMs extend their investment, but it also offers a more eco-friendly and sustainable solution. 

Logitech Crayon can assist in the learning process, as studies have shown that writing with a digital pencil significantly improves spelling and accuracy for students with learning disabilities, improves math scores and helps students with iPad dragging and dropping. Not only does it allow students to engage in the digital world while still using the fundamental skill of handwriting, but also encourages creativity and collaboration. The unique flat shape that ensures that it doesn’t roll off desks or tables, 4-foot drop protection and replaceable parts make Crayon the perfect learning tool and companion for any iPad classroom.