Make the Most of the U.S. Open with Logitech

The U.S. Open requires some planning, with matches airing from the morning to night. If you’re going to catch every match, stroke, and ace, you’ll need a powerful assistant to help with control and a flexible setup to keep you courtside throughout the day.

harmony home in living roomWhile you watch the professionals, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be one yourself. Couch surf like a pro with one perfect tool to control it all. The Logitech Harmony Ultimate remote lets you handle playback and volume, switch from cable to streaming content with one tap, and control all your media from your phone-turned-personal universal remote. Federer’s tennis stroke is to your touchscreen maneuver.

hinge in action

And if you’re just too busy to kick back and relax in your living room, prepare to be on the move. Download the U.S. Open iPadapp and watch in the kitchen, the backseat of a car, under your desk at work, or wherever else you might go. And use the Logitech Hinge to help you enhance your viewing pleasure in any situation, standing your screen at the exact angle you need. For those of you secretly watching the matches under your desks, this might be especially important — craning your neck might give it away.

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