Together We Game: Tower Time

Step by step, our video game project is picking up steam! We’re now on stage three of our crowdsourcing experiment, and it’s once again time to call on you for votes to help create the final product.

To date, we know our game will have a computer interior theme and an open field style of play, but we can’t have a tower defense game without towers! Later on in the development process, we’ll be coming back to tower appearance and style, so for now we’ll focus on tower behavior. Here are your choices:

  1. Stackable Towers – This is a “lego-like” tower system. You’d have several standard tower types to place (standard, fast-shot, multi-shot, spikes, etc), but you’d be able to place two or three layers on top of each other, so one tower would be multi-functional and unique.
  1. Enemy Spawning Towers – A tower that you can activate once per enemy wave (maybe twice if you upgrade it) that will release weak friendly creeps that force enemy creeps to stop and fight until your friendly creeps are all dead.
  1. Movable Towers – Between enemy waves, the player would be able to move their previously placed towers. For example, if the towers are circuit boards, they could be installed with standoffs and moved as needed just like real boards in a computer.
  1. Power Supply Mechanic – Towers would be linked to a “Power Supply”, requiring a certain amount of strategy around tower placement. Tower strength would also vary depending on tower placement and links to them.

Depending on your votes, it’s possible that we’ll be able to implement more than one of these aspects into our tower behavior. Make sure to vote for what you’d like to see in the tower behavior and we’ll make it happen!

As always if you’re interested in getting in on the idea level of this game’s development, join the discussion on our subreddit where you can submit your own unique ideas and possibly see them go to vote. On reddit now, we’re already talking about next week’s vote: Title!