Kick off the football season right with these fresh game day ideas

It’s that time again — Football season is here!  This also means you need to get going with preparations for game day and we are here to help with some easy “hacks” to kickoff the season in style.

A Fresh Way to do Fantasy Drafts

What is football season without your fantasy league?  Which teams you choose is a regular topic around the water cooler, so we turned to one of our favorite sites, FanDraft, for some tips on how to determine your draft order with your friends.  Our favorite was the Competitive category as a cool way to switch things up this year!  This category contains ideas that entail games of skill to determine the draft order. Most of these games are unrelated to fantasy sports, so it’s good to decide the skill level of owners, and whether it’s a good fit for your league.

  • Video Games: Hold a video game tournament, where order of winners determines draft order. Some of the top games tend to include Mario Kart, Madden Football, and Call of Duty.
  • Punt, Pass, and Kick contest: Rules can be found here.
  • Have every manager take the wonderlic test and whomever got the highest mark gets first pick. Then, work your way down
  • Everyone gets 100 tokens and goes to Chuck E Cheese, whoever gets the most tickets gets first pick.
  • Poker Tournament: Get a couple of tables of Texas Hold’em going, then mash the final six contestants together for the final table. Elimination determines where you pick.

For more on this category and other ideas, check out the site at FanDraft.

Be the couch quarterback

With a cold beverage in one hand and cheesy nachos in the other, managing your TV viewing experience can get messy.  If you have a Harmony Hub and Amazon Echo, you can connect them together to control your TV experience — imagine being able to turn on the game, change the volume, and more WHILE you dunk crispy chips into your favorite dip.  

No sports package with cable?  No problem!

If you are a cord-cutter, then you probably already know the pain of not having dozens of channels to find the game you want to watch.  However, you can still tailgate from your living room with an easy solution.  With all of the media streamers like Apple TV and Roku available, it is no surprise why Sling TV has grown in popularity in recent years.  Not only is it available on multiple devices, you have a ton of choices when it comes to sports!  Channels like ESPN, NFL RedZone, and more are all available a la carte — without breaking the bank.  Head over to Sports section on for more information. Additionally, you can enjoy sports channels with PlayStation Vue when you own a Sony PlayStation, and choose from a variety of plans that suit your football watching needs. Learn more here.