Officially Spring! And Time to Clean

Winter, the northern hemisphere is officially over you. That’s right, today is the first day of spring! Bring on the flower buds, warm sun, and leisurely walks without 10 layers of sweaters. Also, go ahead and bring on that urge to purge, tidy, and officially clean out your place. Nothing celebrates the vernal equinox like sprucing up your surroundings and getting rid of the clutter that accumulated all winter. Remember that spring cleaning is not just about organizing your closet and getting the pile of old mail off the dining room table, it’s also about simplifying your home office, rearranging the entertainment zone and getting all of your personal electronics in order. Let us tell you how.

Whistle While You Work


Scrubbing the kitchen floor, but can’t hear your awesome Spotify cleaning playlist from your living room computer? You can still take your tunes with you thanks to the UE BOOM portable Bluetooth speaker. Not much bigger than that glass of lemonade you’ll be enjoying when you’re finished cleaning your place, the UE BOOM connects to your devices through Bluetooth. Its cylindrical shape lets you play your digital music library in rich 360-degree sound that can fill any room in the house. The UE BOOM comes in six different color combinations sure to match your surroundings.

Clean Up Your Entertainment System


Are remotes piling up and cluttering your coffee table? The Logitech Harmony® Smart Keyboard will control every device in your house, even if you’re not in the same room. A combination full keyboard and touchpad, it’s compatible with more than 225,000 home entertainment devices from 5,000 brands. Want to watch a movie after your cleaning is done? Pressing a single Activity Button will automatically power on your devices and switch them to the correct settings. And it’s easy to set up via the Internet, meaning that you’ll have everything in your house at your fingertips in minutes.

Maximize Desk Space


Cut the cords once and for all with the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760, a light-powered keyboard with a Logitech easy-switch for instantly switching between all of your Apple Bluetooth devices. This wireless keyboard is both easy and fun to use, and it dramatically reduces the amount of clutter on your desk. Even before you get started on that pile of tax receipts you’ve been meaning to file.

What are you looking forward to de-cluttering this spring? Share in the comments.