Logitech on the iPad® 3 and Recent Tablet Trends

With Apple’s iPad® 3 announcement date set for March 7, it’s only a matter of hours before we get long-awaited confirmations – or debunks – to all the speculation. Framing the iPad’s new speeds and feeds are trends driven by the tablet form factor as a whole. As we’re gearing up for Wednesday’s announcement and what it will mean to the industry, we at Logitech have taken a step back to look at the broader accessory trends we expect to see in the year ahead and what they will mean for you:

  1. Multiple Screen Convergence: We’re all using the same services across a number of devices – whether on our iPad, smartphone, laptop, etc. – and we expect the same experience on each screen. This is enhanced by the burgeoning variety of cloud-based services, which let us access content – such as digital music – from any device at any time. We believe accessories can play an important role in this trend, helping us find continuity of experience across each of our screens.
  2. Fashion and devices have been tied closely together for a number of years, and today we’re witnessing the evolution of a trend, as we see an increased interest in how accessories feel, in addition to simply how they look. Specifically, we expect to see more focus on materials and the tactile sensation of accessories, which can have a direct impact on the functionality. From leather and gel to metal and wood, each texture brings something different to the table. With plastic or aluminum accessories, you can slip the device into the bag quickly on the go, while others prefer the chunkier aesthetic of wood. And just last week at Mobile World Congress, P2i released a study on consumers’ desires for waterproof mobile phones; perhaps we’ll see an extension of liquid coating on tablet accessories.
  3. Energy Efficiency: In this day and age, we’re all demanding a longer battery life from our devices. Regardless of how much we use an electronic, or what we use it for, we expect a battery life we can depend on. We’re seeing this need addressed in ultrabooks, laptops, smartphones, etc. As an extension of that – and natural next step – we expect to see solar power to play more of a role in accessories.

These are just a few trends we’ve noticed. What do you think we’ll see in the tablet universe in the year ahead? Tell us in the comments below and stay tuned for more on this from Logitech.


Director of brand development for tablet accessories at Logitech.


  • I very hope so that Logitech makes a real keyboard case for the ipad qwerty & azerty(I’m french I use azerty mode) like netbook.

    Actualy nobody makes a real keyboard case for outdoor in azerty config. Only 2 brand makes that in qwerty..

    Logitech can reverse the market of keyboard for ipad but what are you wating ?

    Only 2 keyboard, one for indoor (Logitech Keyboard Case) and the fold-up look like a lowcoast product.

    In France we waiting for you!


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