The Magic of Tablets

Over the last few years the rate of innovation in the computing space has enabled consumers to do more. More processing power meant more productivity, more creativity, more functionality and more of whatever you could think of…well pretty much.

All these great innovations in computing and networking truly began to deliver on the promise of the global village; we are living in a world that is more connected than ever, always on and instantly available.

The rise in the popularity of tablets – both Android and iOS – has demonstrated that an always connected, instantly available experience is one that millions of consumers have been waiting for and are willing to subscribe to. The fervor over yesterday’s iCloud announcement is a great example of how eagerly people are embracing this future.

The magic of tablets is in how technology has been used to deliver an incredible experience that fits each individual lifestyle. In the PC era, we were conditioned to compare products and services by looking at how many features we would get relative to the price we paid – regardless of how many of those features we really needed. The rise of app marketplaces is proving that this need not be the case – customers are willing to invest in specific applications that meet their interests and are designed to do specific tasks exceptionally well.

Logitech has been built on a rich history of delivering exceptional products that are all about the customer experience. From the mouse that revolutionized the way people navigated on a PC, to keyboards that deliver both comfort and advanced capabilities, customer experience has always been at the core of everything that Logitech delivers.

This same philosophy is also at the core of the new range of tablet products from Logitech. Whether you’re in the kitchen exploring new recipes while listening to your favorite music or answering email on the plane, Logitech is working closely with people to understand how they use their tablet most in their daily lives and designing our products accordingly.

As excited as we are with all the great accessories that recently launched and those still under development (including some that will take advantage of the new capabilities iCloud offers), we are even more excited about hearing from you – what are some of the tablet accessories you would like to see from Logitech?


Logitech Senior Director for Tablet Products


  • I would like to see a bluetooth gaming controller for Android. As well as a Remote control for media.

    Additionally, the Tablet Mouse for Android 3.1+ was supposed to be released “early May” according to an early Blog. When will the pre-orders be filled and product shipped?

  • 1-Tablet or smartphone Dock with HD Camera and handset or headset turn Mobile devices to Video or Audio phone

    2-Lapdesk/stand for Tablets with A tablet angle adjustment stand

    3-Lapdesk with mouse like Trackball attached to the side of the lapdesk but with a moving mouse like, not a ball

    4-V. Games accessories like lapdesk with gaming controllers built in for notebooks, smartphones and tablets

    5-New Gen Google TV gaming accessories in summer

    6-Digital Home accessories

  • Please please please make tablets with USB ports. Would love to be able to attach a cell phone to it or better yet, an external HDD! I’m in the market for a tablet that will allow me to attach my 1tb external hdd to it and play music off of it. If this is possible, I’d make the tablet my own media player for my vehicle! Oh and also include the head set port, preferably with accessory that allows us to plug into the head set port and into the AUX port of our vehicle’s head unit!

  • I’m looking for a tablet desk stand. Something simple. Made from thick aluminum, with a sticky silicon surface. I don’t care if its angle is adjustable. Someone make this product please. If it looks nice and costs less than 20 Dollars. I’d order one now.

  • A killer feature for me would be:
    More input/ouput options. I don’t want a tablet to replace my laptop/desktop but I would love to be a able to take it with me to a presentation, plug it in (or connect it wirelessly) to the projector/sound system and run my presentation from the tablet.

  • Also

    LifeSize HD Communication VOIP/VIDEO BUSINESS Tablets with accessories like docking+Keyboard+mouse to turn it to Business PC


    LifeSize Unified Communication Desktop & Notebook & Thin Client Google CHROME based Devices

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