Harmony Control Arrives for Sony’s Android TVs


When it comes to home entertainment and home control, Logitech Harmony has long reigned over the family room. Now, with the beta version of our Logitech Harmony app for Android TV, you can get the power of Harmony home control directly directly from the screen of Sony Android TVs.

With the Logitech Harmony Android TV App – available exclusively for Sony’s Android TVs – and a Harmony Hub, you can launch your Harmony Activities straight from your TV screen, controlling your smart home without interrupting your favorite shows or movies. You can download the Harmony app from the Google Play Store on Sony’s Android TVs.

Once installed, Sony Android TV owners can simply sign into their existing Harmony account. The app will display their personalized Harmony Activities, and enable them to use a tile-based menu on the Sony Android TV to adjust the lights, lock the front door, or manage the thermostat— all from the comfort of the couch.

What would you want to control from your TV? Let us know in the comments!