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This past week news sources from around the world expressed excitement about the latest Logitech products. In their review of the K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard, PC World India noted that it “offers convenience and style in a sleek form.” Geekzone.co.nz expressed excitement about the New Zealand release of the Logitech Couch Mouch M515. Techgoondu.com was similarly enthusiastic about the Singapore release of the Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speakers.

Results from our Global Remote Control Study that shed some light on where people find their lost remote control continue to make it into news stories. The latest coverage comes from The UK’s Daily Mail. On their web site the Daily Mail speculated as to why respondents would locate a lost remote in the freezer – the fourth most popular response on the survey. “Some say that this might be the handiwork of children – but there is also the theory that  hungry couch potatoes may set the remote down to grab those cold cuts or that pint of ice-cream.”

In the same piece, the Daily Mail also mentions that “the average household has four remote controls for home entertainment systems.” Sounds like a lot. Any interest in streamlining that with a Logitech Harmony remote? Techradar.com awarded the Logitech Harmony 900 four out of five stars in their recent review – check it out if you’re considering a Harmony remote.

For these and other Logitech news highlights from the week check out the list below.


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  • How can I email customer service?
    I tried logging on to setup a new harmony 700 remote
    but it just kept messaging server error and requesting to keep signing in
    for over 7 hours and no where can I find an email to to contact customer service.

    Please forward me in the right direction.

  • Dear Friends,

    I’m looking for a model Internet WebCam that supports DirectShow.

    Can you please show me some models of Logitech WebCam which are still manufactured and that support DirectShow?

    Thank you for your attention and sorry for my poor English.

    Best Regards,


  • Does anyone have the schematic for the Logitech optical mouse? Model # M-RR95. I took it apart to clean, stretch springs, etc.. Now I cannot find where the red and black wires from the top of the mouse, plug into the circuit board. I thought I saw where they came off, but evidently I wasnt observant enough. HELP!

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