Harmony Tips and Tricks: Adding Favorite Channels

One of the coolest features on Logitech Harmony remote controls is the ability to add favorite channels to your “Watch TV” activities.  This allows you to quickly access the channels that you watch the most with just one touch.  On most Harmony models, you can even add an icon to represent the channel on your remote’s screen!

Check out the video below on how to add favorite channels to your Harmony 600, 650 or 700 using our recently updated myharmony.com website.

And if you have another model of Harmony remote, you can usually add favorite channels to your “Watch TV” activity and we have plenty of great FAQ’s on our support site to show you how.


Technical Content Developer, Logitech Digital Home Team


  • Great tip, thanks!

    I have a product suggestion; a truly simple, streamlined all-in-one remote simply does not exist for senior citizens. A company called Weemote created one for kids and then attempted a model for seniors, but it doesn’t appear to be in production anymore. This is a huge opportunity for Logitech, the leader in simplifying remotes.

    My 83 year-old mother simply cannot manage all the buttons, even on a Harmony remote. She often accidentally hits an errant button, and TV viewing is then out of commission. A remote for seniors would just need channel up/down, volume up/down and favorites. It would also obviously need a power off/on button that turns on/off all relevant devices.

    From comments I’ve read all over the Web, this is a massive underserved market as there are thousands of people like me who have been searching for a very simple remote that turns on/off devices (usually just a TV and cable box), can have programmed favorites so undesired/unsubscribed channels can be skipped, and basic channel/volume up/down keys. I suppose a Guide button with arrows/return could also be included, but should have the option of being deactivated.

    I’m sure I’m not the first to suggest this, but I (and thousands of others who love their Harmony remotes) would love to see Logitech create a product that finally serves this market, and helps the quality of life for our parents and grandparents.

    Thanks for listening!

    • Hi Jon,

      Thanks so much for the post. We’re always looking at ways to improve and simplify our customers’ experiences with our products, be it on the software or hardware side. I have brought your comments to the attention of our product development team. They’re a very passionate group when it comes to such considerations and I have no doubt that they will give the concept a good look.

      Again, thanks so much for taking the time to send us your thoughts!

      – Ian

    • Hi Donald,

      It sounds like you want your Harmony remote to go to a specific channel every time you start your “Watch TV” activity.

      Please confirm that this is the case and also include which model of Harmony remote you use and whether you used the Harmony Remote Software or Myharmony.com to setup your remote in your response.

      – Ian

  • I purchased a Harmony 650 and it has greatly reduced the need for using several remotes to control my various components. I liked the feature that allows assigning multiple devices to an “activity”. However, I have found that rarely do all defices assigned to an activity power up on demand as they should. I find myself using the help button almost every time in order to turn on at least one of the devices, usually the TV. I have gone back online and re-synched and that still hasn’t fixed the problem. I was going to buy another of these remotes as a gift for someone else, but after having these problems, I wouldn’t buy this remote for anyone else. Sorry Logitech, it is a great idea in theory, just doesn’t work the way its supposed to.

  • First, love my harmony!

    I’m trying to find a way to set the guides button to open to our favorites channels rather than All channels set with in our Verizon FiOS TV box. We have over 100 favorite channels so the favorites within the Harmony will not work.

    Anyone know the fix?

  • I just got a 700 and I tried adding Fav. Icons from iconharmony.com through myharmony.com and I keep getting errors during Sync staying “unable to sync” “we can’t sync your remote”. Any help?

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