Enjoy Precision, Comfort and Control with New Logitech Wireless Mouse M325

The new Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 is here, combining our world’s best selling shape with new micro-precise technology that is specifically designed to improve your online navigation experience with a better mix of precision, comfort and control.

No matter how much time you spend at your computer, the Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 keeps your hand happy thanks to its feel-good shape and textured rubber grips. Optimized for web browsing, the micro-precise scroll wheel – with four times the number of ratchets as the average mouse – fits your style, and makes reading Facebook or reviewing Google searches even easier. Plus the tilted wheel gives you trouble-free backward or forward Web movement.

Most standard mice have a scroll wheel with 18 to 24 ratchets. Each ratchet corresponds to about one line of scrolling. When you quickly scroll down a page, skipping from line to line, moving from one ratchet to another, the on-screen motion can appear choppy.

That’s not the case with Logitech’s newest scroll wheel. Our precision scroll wheel contains 72 rugged, tiny ratchets. As a result, the ratchets are small enough so the wheel spins smoothly. And you’ll have the precise control you need for websites, spreadsheets, slideshows and other presentations.

And with up to 18 months of battery life and a three-year limited hardware warranty, you can expect less hassles and dependability – plus the tiny plug and go Logitech Unifying receiver can stay in your laptop when you’re not using it.

The Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 will begin rolling out worldwide in April. Keep checking Logitech.com for the latest information.


Global Product Marketing Manager, Control Devices


  • This looks great! Any plans to use this type of scroll wheel on larger mice in the future? It would be awesome to see this on an M510-ish mouse. Btw., the decision to place both extra buttons the M510 has on the left side when the mouse itself is symmetric seems odd to me. Currently there is no 5-button fully symmetric mouse with the unifying receiver in the line-up.

  • 1. Why do we still have optical and not move on to laser? I mean you have Darkfield for the HIgh end. You could surely do lasers for the rest of us?

    2. Any reason why we still not use Bluetooth for everything?

    3. Logitech’s mouse are always smaller then Microsoft, do you intend to produce more bigger version of mouse ?

  • Where is the “Bluetooth” version of this.?? Those of us on a Macbook pro or netbook can’t afford the permanent loss of a usb port..

    ~Food For thought~

  • What are it’s dimensions?
    I have the M505 mouse already but find it way too small for my large man hands and ergonomically it’s crippling me!

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