Logitech Revue is A Slam Dunk for March Madness

Whether you’re a hardcore NCAA fan or you just have a competitive streak when it comes to the office bracket, March Madness is a thrilling time to be a fan.

With big matchups and the coveted Final Four to be determined, enthusiastic fans can use the Logitech Revue to watch all the games while simultaneously searching the Web for team stats and player updates, or even follow sports reporter Darren Rovell as he tweets throughout the tournament. And now fans can do this all on one screen – their HDTV – thanks to the Logitech Revue with Google TV.

Now that the brackets are set, you may even want to relive the final nail-biting moments of last year’s Duke vs. Butler matchup, as Duke went on to win the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship in 2010. Logitech Revue gives you the freedom to replay epic wins (and losses) over and over again.


Vice President and General Manager, Digital Home Group