Enjoying Logitech Revue with DISH

DISH is very excited about the Logitech Revue with Google TV. In fact, they are offering a great deal for their service, bundled with the Revue. I spoke with DISH Network’s VP of Customer Technology, Vivek Khemka, to get more details behind the deal – read below to see how you can score a Logitech Revue for as low as $179!

The TV industry is changing – there are more channels, content and ways to watch TV today than there were 10 years ago – and people are now watching video on the Web. But in spite of all the change, we know that consumers still love their TV and they’re watching four to eight hours every day.

We also know that consumers multitask while watching TV – in fact, a large number of our customers use a laptop while in front of their televisions. So when we started working with Google and Logitech, our goal was to enhance our customers’ TV viewing experience by integrating it with the Web, recognizing that the ability to combine these two experiences creates greater value than employing them independently.

We are thrilled to partner with both Google and Logitech to enable the Google TV experience with DISH Network. Google offers a robust search technology and Android platform that opens up amazing possibilities for TV. In addition, one of the most important pieces of technology that gives consumers the power to interact with their TVs is the remote control. Logitech, which offers cutting-edge products and technologies like the Harmony remote control, clearly understands how to build input devices to interact with the TV/Web experience.

Combine the expertise of Google and Logitech with the best TV service and picture quality offered by DISH Network, and you have a powerful, seamless entertainment experience.

What’s more, DISH Network is the only pay-TV company that offers Enhanced Integration with Google TV. This means that only DISH Network customers get exclusive features like simultaneous search across the program guide, DVR, DISH Cinema and the Web. They can also go directly to any of the search results, including instantly watching content from their DVR, scheduling recordings from the program guide, and ordering movies or TV shows from DISH Cinema. Plus, customers can also easily share what they watch with their friends through social media outlets like Twitter.

What’s really exciting is that soon, the DISH Network Enhanced Integration will enable the ability to build apps that change how our customers watch TV. There might be apps that automatically record your favorite shows, suggest shows or Web videos based on what customers watch. The possibilities are endless.

When it comes to pricing, DISH Network customers have the clear advantage. We have teamed with Logitech so that our customers can buy the Revue directly from DISH Network for an exclusive price of $179. That price is for both new and existing DISH customers – a savings of $120 over MSRP – and the integration fee is only $4 per month. Plus, consumers who already have a Logitech Revue and become DISH Network customers will receive a $100 gift card. More details on this deal are available at www.dish.com/logitechpartner.

Enjoy! – Vivek

To learn more about DISH Network’s Google TV solution, including how to order, visit www.dish.com/googletv.


Vice President and General Manager, Digital Home Group


  • Why does logitech website tells that retailers have the G27 in stock when they havent had it for many days? Cant you update that information?

    Also, your phone support doesnt told me this monday that retailers should be getting a new shipment this wednesday, and that I should look at best buy. I went to a store and a guy told me they wont even receive it this week, their system did not show any wheel arriving.

    To make things worse, for logitech and for me, now it seem you have the wheel to sell through your own website, but you just wont accept international credit cards. It is just stupid. I understand that you dont ship products abroad, but why not take a foreign credit card like amazon does? Amazon doesnt ship abroad either, but by accepting cards from other countries they allow tourists to buy items and have them delivered by their hotel.

  • Just bought a Harmony 600. Downloaded the software etc. And then NOTHING the thing does not work. Tried to find compatibilityof remote. Select machine, and bang not working, the site from Logitech just does not work. Great job, the first amateur would do a better job. The site is bandly designed, not user friendly and lacks overview. Fire the techies that made the software and the marketing guy.

    • Hi Maarten,

      We have not heard of this before but our support team is here to help. Please contact them directly so we can address your issue.


  • I have a problem with the way the agreement with Dish is structured even though I am a customer with them.
    First I bought my Revue retail not from Dish because of the $4 a month integration fee that Dish charges per month. It provides only a couple of features in addition to what you can access with other satellite providers i.e DVR and Dish pay per view.
    Second, I don’t believe that Logitech should have more revue capabilities to one tv provider over another-its not fair to all the non dish subscribers..

    • Hi Michael,

      We are glad you purchased a Logitech Revue and are looking forward to expanding capabilities to other set-top boxes in the future.


  • I got DishNetwork with Logitech Revue installed as a new customer past weekend! I was excited about the Google TV integration feature.

    The Dish technician setup the system. But I have a problem I am not able to figure out what to do.
    When I use the keyboard, I get a PIP of the Dish channel and I am able to go out to internet i.e., to YouTube. When I play a move on YouTube, both, the PIP with Dish channel and the YouTube movie run simultaneously and I get both audios going. I am not able to get rid og the did PIP on the TV.

    What should I be doing?

    • Hi Rama,

      Currently, if you stream a YouTube video while you have live TV in the Dual View window, you will hear sound from both live TV and the YouTube video. Unfortunately the only option at this time is to close out the dual view window so that you only get one audio source.


  • Ashish,
    Is there anything proprietary about the Logitech Revue unit available through the Dish Network offer. If I eventually cancel Dish Network, will the device still work in the absence of a Dish receiver?

    Thank You.

    • Hi Ford,

      Your Logitech Revue will still work 100% should you decide to cancel your DISH service.

      – Ashish

  • i wanted to buy revue, but i have motorola desktop box dct2244 with no HDMI port. could not find help to see if i could buy revue with this box

    • Hi Steve,

      To enjoy the full Revue experience, including integration with broadcast TV, users should reach out to their service provider to get an HDMI box. Users can still use Revue in web-only mode even if they don’t have a TV service or have a non-HDMI STB.


  • hello, I have dish network and use the VIP 922 sling DVR box. Will the Logitech revue work with this receiver? Please let me know.



    • Hi GT,

      Revue works with the following Dish models: VIP 722K, VIP 722, and VIP 622.


    • Hi GT,

      I wanted to expand on my previous response to your comment. Revue works with most STBs in the United States – so you can use Google TV and your Revue keyboard or smart phone controller to control your STB, search through and tune to your favorite shows irrespective of service provider. In addition, If you’re a DISH Network subscriber and have a Dish VIP 622, 722 or 722K, you’ll enjoy enhanced TV and DVR features, including recording a show right from the search bar and being able to search all of your recordings at once.


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