Logitech Alert Customer Video: Camera Catches Bugling Elk

With the launch of the Alert camera line we now have the pleasure of sharing not only great videos submitted by our users, but now we can share videos with audio.  Congratulations to Rick for submitting this Alert video captured at his vacation home.  Below you can find his story.  Turn up your speakers and enjoy.

Dear Logitech,

I’ve had WiLife cameras on my vacation home in Colorado for more than two years now.  The primary purpose of the system is home security, but I also get to observe the local wildlife exhibiting natural behavior that most people never get to see.  Last year at about this time, the camera that looks out from my back deck captured video of a big bull elk bugling.  I sent an email to Logitech support with the video attached and said, “Wouldn’t it be great to be able to record the audio, too?”

Earlier this year, Logitech announced the Alert video security system.  It records video in high definition, has built-in infrared illumination (great for night shots), and allows you to record sound.  I bought an outdoor master system and installed it this past July.  I’ve recorded a lot of really cool video since then, but this one struck a chord because it’s exactly the situation that prompted me to contact Logitech a year ago.

The video is taken by the camera mounted on my front porch.  It captures a number of elk in the distance, casually making their way up the hill while grazing.  The big bull struts downhill, his impatience pushing the herd forward.  Near the end of the video, he tilts his head back and bugles.  And just as I predicted last year, it is great to be able to record that audio.

With best wishes,


Chief Product Officer, WiLife