Press Conference Perfection: The Official Revue Debut

October 6th was no ordinary day by any means. October 6th 2010, just days ago, was the much anticipated Logitech Revue with Google TV unveiling, and I got to see it all go down.

The venue was in a great space in Tribeca. Entrants were limited to e-staff, select Logitech and Google TV representatives and of course, the media. Not just any media; everyone from CNN to Engadget sent their press and the room was perfectly staged for a truly incredible reveal. The rumor was that around 75 different media representatives were present, 75!

The entrance set the tone (check out my unfortunately low resolution shot I snapped on my phone): a red carpet, ropes and security were in place. However, I was in my loft nearby being prepped for a live feed via Logitech TV Cam. Halfway through the press conference, Vivek Jayaraman (Logitech Director) and I were going to be called and I was to be introduced as the Logitech NYC ‘Host with the Most’ while showing off the incredible resolution of the HD TV camera to the audience. The demo went off without a hitch and I still feel a natural high from being a part of something so pivotal, however, I do have one regret.

At some point between the morning rehearsal and the actual event kicking off, I stepped aside to get ready, and just as I did, as Murphy’s Law would have it, something went wrong. I missed TechCrunch when they stopped by to do a piece. Boo! Well, there’s always next time…and there will be a next time because the loft calendar of events gets more exciting with each passing day.

Back to the announcement event… After my webcam cameo, I traveled to the red carpet venue and got to join in live. The Q & A session was beginning as I quietly snuck in. I could not help but smile when I saw some faces trying to place me. Afterall, I had just been on their jumbo screen streaming from a remote location and was now magically in the room. Ah, the joys of technology!

Stay tuned for all of the collaborations, guest appearances and informative coverage we will continue to share with you at home. All three Logitech loft locations had grand kick-off parties this week so the fun is only just beginning.

So, before I conclude, I have to ask…now that the Revue can finally be ordered, have you ordered yours yet?


'Host with the Most,' New York City