$99 Surround Sound? New Logitech Surround Sound Speakers Z506

Logitech Surround Sound Speakers Z506
If you’ve been looking for speakers that can give you the flexibility to set up your system any way you want, look no further. The new Logitech Surround Sound Speakers Z506, unveiled today, will let you connect nearly any entertainment device, including a PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, iPod or a DVD player. To ensure that the Logitech Surround Sound Speakers Z506 are easy to set up, we color coded all of the cables and included an accessory cable for sound cards and music players. And, if you’re a gamer, you can connect the Z506 speakers directly to your game console’s existing RCA cable.

Offering 75 watts (RMS) of power, our newest speakers can fill the room with sound – and even rattle a few windows.

But these are just a few of the features! Check out the video below of product marketing manager Greg Vissia introducing the Z506 speakers in more detail.


Product Line Manager, PC Speakers


  • Of course you had to release these right after I purchased your Z-5500 since they were the only multi-input digital 5.1 speakers available today….

    • Hi Mikael,

      You’ll enjoy the Z-5500 — the Z506 is not considered a replacement — they are two very different systems.


  • Hi

    Very Cool Speakers really!!

    Finaly a very new, low budget and great performance sound speakers from logitech.

    It lacks the digital optical connection, but theres ok

    Defnitly i will buy this.


  • can’t wait for it to be released this august. I need those speakers logitech is a work of art

    • Hi Snow,

      For this speaker, we included 3.5 mm and six channel direct audio cables.


  • He doesn’t seem very enthusiastic about them haha, I can definitely see these becoming successful though because of the price!

    • Hi Arika,

      The Z506 center channel was actually designed to sit on your desk, so we don’t recommend placing it on your monitor.


    • Hi Andrea,

      I suggest you check the audio section of Logitech.com in your country to see which speakers are available to you.


  • I would like to know whom produced this video, States it comes with a head phone output then shows audio in jack before that it shows plugging into the head phone jack to play an audio device that has a 3.5 jack. This is completely backwards and I hope the system is better than the featured video!
    Correct me if I am wrong.

    • Hi Joseph,

      Good catch! We accidentally put the images backwards during editing. But trust me, the system is great!


  • I never thought the day would come that Logitech would launch a cheap 5.1 set with tweeters. It even has a bass control knob and RCA input. Forget the X-530/540, THIS will be my next speakerset. I’m also glad I’ll be able to avoid Creative, since Logitech now has gained the upper hand when it comes to cheap 5.1 sets. I’ll never forget what they to Daniel K.

    • Hi Joe,

      The Z506 speakers are expected to be available this month — not all retailers or regions will have these on the same day so it’s hard to provide you with an exact date.


  • Hi!How can I get this Z506 set of surround speakers since am in Kenya?It is a cute system and powerful.

  • When are these coming out!? I’ve had these pre-ordered within 10 minutes of them being launched, literally.

    • Hi Nic,

      The Z506 speakers are expected to be available later this month.


  • Hello,

    I’m really interested in purchasing these speakers. Will they be available in Australia?


  • Will it be possible to hook these up to an HDTV? If so, by what method? Would you recommend doing this?

  • “The Z506 speakers are expected to be available this month — not all retailers or regions will have these on the same day so it’s hard to provide you with an exact date”

    Surely you can tell us what date they will be released on the Logitech website? Or when Logitech will ship out the pre-ordered systems?

    • Hi Ziztur,

      Unfortunately, I don’t have the exact shipping date, even for the Logitech.com pre-orders. We hope to improve this process but for now, the best indication we have is that the pre-orders will ship by the end of August.


  • I guess I will try to ask for a more specific answer on the date. What day can those who have ordered directly from you expect a release? I think most of us on this comment page have pre-ordered directly with logitech.

    • Hi Chris,

      I know it’s not the answer you want to hear, but please see my response to Ziztur above.


  • Hi Robert,

    I’m presuming that these speakers are an upgrade/replacement for the x-540. Can you please tell me whether there is an upgrade for the z-5500 in the works? If there is, any time-frame for its release?


    • Hi David,

      Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to talk about product development plans. 🙁


  • I noticed that these speakers are not on the Canadian Logitech website. Does that mean that they won’t be available in Canada? And if they will be available, is the Canadian release date going to be the same as the American one?


    • Hi James,

      The Z506 speakers will be available in Canada shortly after it becomes available in the U.S.


  • I was hoping to set these up in my dorm room but have a speaker in each corner of the room. Are there extension cords for the speakers that I could purchase somewhere?


    • Hi Jack,

      The Z506 uses standard RCA plugs and jacks for speaker connections. RCA extension cables can be easily found at most electronics stores.


  • The Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Speakers are now available for order on the website……….and they show as IN-STOCK!!! as of today 08/25/2010

  • No digital inputs = Fail.

    And here I was looking replace my old Logitech speakers but other than offering direct RCA inputs which is better than using the RCA input adapter that my original speakers came with I see no real improvement.

    This is 2010. The Xbox 360 and PS3 don’t use RCA as their premier way of delivering audio. And what is the point of having discreet 5.1 setup if you’re not going to use it?

    How hard would it have been to add optical port with Dolby Digital decoding?

    • Hi Jaine,

      Please see my response to Gary’s questions above. Happy to help if you still need additional information.


  • Are these speakers suppose to replace the Logitech X-540? I’m in the US and I can no longer find the Logitech X-540 on the US Logitech website. I prefer the X-540 over the Z-506 because one the X-540 center speaker can go on top of an LCD monitor and two, the X-540 has a remote control. Is there anyway to purchase the Logitech X-540 from the US directly from Logitech?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Each of the front and rear L/R speakers appear to have two drivers each. Are the apparent tweeters on top of each real speakers or are they just cosmetic plastic?

  • If you like to enjoy the thundering bass and wraparound sound that you often experience at the movie theater, then building your own home theater with surround sound may be just what you need. The technology has been steadily progressing in recent years and now it appears that the equipment and formats needed for true surround sound are in place. And as always, improvements are constantly being made.

  • i just purchased the z506 speaker system i am connecting it to my hdtv for a surround experience but the back speakers only send out a faint static like sound ?

  • Im looking into buying a good set of speakers for my computer I seen the Logitech Z-5500,Z-680s and now the z506 what would you recommend? which one is a newer model since im still a noob tryingto find a good set of speakers.

  • Am from NZ. I got the same problem like Kevin (17th Sept).
    I connected from TV using 3.5mm jack si I can control the sound using TV’s remote.
    But the rear speakers is the problem. I expect it will create surround sounds when connected to any device since it says multi inputs suitable for TV, games, etc.
    I hope the surround sound not controlled by PC’s that commonly can set 6 channels.

    I read on other reviews, that the guy used 2 3.5mm jack spliiters to connect to all 3 3.5mm inputs from TV. Is this that what we have to do, Logitech?

    But the sound are great…. hoping I can get all speakers working and create 3D sorround.

    Seems Robert is on vacation since 10th Sept. No reply whatsoever…..

  • Hi, I have just purchased these speakers and want to be able to use my TV remote to control the speakers instead of getting up to turn the dial. Problem is my TV doesn’t have a head phone jack, does this mean I can only use the speakers through the dvd player?


  • Finally I got an z 506 as a replacement for the x 540..
    Feature wise i prefer x 540 it had a nice wired remote..strong metal grils to protect the
    Aesthetically the z 506 is more pleasing and the woofer is pretty good than x 540..
    Totally it has got enogh power but i dont feel good surround effect..The rear speakers are not
    up to the level.I tried many 5.1 movies but rear speakers are not that loud..
    Hearing music is great….
    Its not even comparable with z 5500 Its just an entry model..

  • I am truly disappointed as a long time customer of your company. I have to return my old x540 bass speaker went and now I am getting this. Seems to me your quality is going down hill. No grills to protect speakers tells me you are hoping customer damage the speakers and have to buy again that’s obvious and then you go back to the tarded control on the speaker that’s ridiculous and no one likes that configuration so why would you do that except to SAVE MONEY>

  • Hey i just bought these speakers and i can’ t get the bass to come on. that and realtek HD audio only allows all of the speakers to work in 7.1 mode any suggestions?

  • I purchased one, about a week ago… I feel that the rear speakers gives cranky/soemtimes fainted sound for some songs, for some its ok.

    IS it normal ????


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