Ultimate Ears’ Artist to Watch: Patrick Henry Hughes

Next month we’ll celebrate Fathers Day. We wanted to kick off a tribute to dads everywhere by telling you about an amazing father and son relationship. You may have heard of Patrick Henry Hughes before or perhaps seen him on ESPN and other networks. Patrick was born with several physical disabilities, but we won’t even get into them. They don’t bother Patrick and haven’t slowed him down in the least bit. What makes Patrick special is his incredible gift of music and the special bond he shares with his father.

Patrick has two CDs out to date, both of which have become a huge inspiration to people all over the world. He is an amazing trumpet and piano player and can currently be seen marching with the University of Louisville band where he is a student majoring in Spanish. We’re honored to have Patrick as part of our Artist to Watch program and hope that all of you will read his story and discover that anything….and I mean anything, is possible if you just believe. Check out Patrick and others in our Artist to Watch Program at UltimateEars.com.


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