MTV to Air Winning Video from Logitech Digital Video Security Contest

Back in October, M. Kelly, the sent us an awesome video captured by Logitech Video Surveillance cameras. It was a memorable one where an army of teens swiftly and thoroughly teepeed his yard. The video ended up winning Logitech’s customer story contest that month.

But M. Kelly never imagined the level of attention his video would get – both via our YouTube channel and now from MTV. That’s right, MTV! The entertainment media giant will feature M. Kelly’s video on “When I was 17,” a show that takes celebs back to their humble (or not so humble) youths.

How did this happen, you ask? We posted M. Kelly’s video on Logitech’s YouTube channel to share the humor with the masses. MTV discovered the video and the rest is Logitech video history!

Be sure to tune in to MTV this Saturday, May 29, at 11:00am (check your local listings) to watch the biggest toilet papering job caught on video. And you never know, share the wild moments you catch on your Logitech video surveillance cameras with us and your video could one day end up on TV too!


Sr. PR Manager