New: Logitech Fantasy Collection

Take a look at our new Fantasy Collection. The collection is a range of Logitech’s most popular products in coordinating colors and patterns that you can mix-and-match to create a world that’s distinctively you. Watch the video below featuring Michelle Fishberg, our senior global product marketing manager, and let us know which is your favorite – mine’s Blue Swirl.

For more information about the Fantasy Collection products, please visit


Senior Vice President, Music

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  • Dear Logitech, i love all of your mice and have been using them for many years, but i find a problem with all mice, standard ones rub the heel of my hand and strain the wrist, track balls are much better but too bulky for the laptop, My point is i have a radical new idea to reshape the mouse, i don’t know if your R&D department are still designing mice or if everyone is researching touch screens now, but if you are interested in an idea that conforms to your hands natural shape, and allows free movement, plenty of space for 3 buttons and a scroll wheel, i would love to hear from you.
    Mo Davidson

  • Dear Rory,
    How come I cannot comment on your blog on MK 700?
    Anyway, I have been looking for the perfect wireless+ mouse combo, and got this MK 250 with which I am rather satisfied. It seems your more ergonomic Logitech products have not managed to wend their way to the dark interiors of India(Joke!)
    I was looking for a keyboard which had an indicator telling me that the keyboard was on “On” and I needed to switch it off, after my day’s work was done. Same thing with the mouse. It shows a green light for a couple of seconds and I have to turn it to see whether it is on on/ off mode. In the same manner, is there any keyboard showing me the battery consumption status?
    Thanks for this product but I want something jazzier and snazzier! This keyboard looks like it was made in prehistoric times!

  • Dear Rory/Logitech,

    I have a big problem. I have a Logitech mouse, model M305, but one day ago I lost USB nano-receiver. In my country (ROMANIA) is a big problem to replace it, I can’t find it! Please help me, I want to use my mouse!

    Thank you!

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