Harmony Tips and Tricks: How the Volume Button Works on the Harmony 300

A couple of weeks ago, I explained how the Watch TV button works on the Harmony 300. In this week’s post, I will explain how the volume buttons works on the Harmony 300 remote and how to customize them to give you the best control of your home entertainment system.

When you first set up the Harmony 300 remote, the volume buttons normally control the volume on your TV. If you press one of the mode buttons to select another device, like your cable box, the volume buttons will still control the volume on the TV, while the other buttons such as channel up and down will control your cable box.

If while watching TV you use your surround sound receiver to control volume rather than your TV, you can change the volume buttons to control that device. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Go to MyHarmony.com and log in to your account.
    2. From the Home page, click Change or Fix What a Button Does.
    3. Select the device you want to make changes to and click OK.
    4. Hover the mouse pointer over the Volume Up or Volume Down button on the remote image, and then click Setup.

    1. The Set Up your Volume Controls page shows which device controls volume for each device mode. For each device mode (TV, Cable/Sat, DVD, and VCR/Aux), choose which device changes volume by selecting the device from the drop-down list.

  1. Click OK.
  2. Click Sync Remote to update your remote with these settings.

Whether you decide to leave the default volume buttons setting or customize the volume buttons to control another device, My Harmony provides you with the tools to customize the volume buttons (and any other button) to suit your needs.

Be sure to check back every week for more Harmony tips and tricks and feel free to send us your comments.


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  • I was excited to Logitech when he issued this model is relatively expensive in the line of Harmony remote. I had been looking in harmony away from my modest home theater system but do not want to put 100 dollars or more in one because I can not justify the cost of my system. When I say this Form 50 dollars taken the plunge.

  • This was really helpful. Thanks for posting it.

    Can I do the same for the channel buttons with the Harmony 300? I tried it and couldn’t get it to work. I’d like to make it so in TV mode the channel up and down buttons, and the number buttons, change the cable box channel. Thanks.

    • Hi Mitch,

      Are you aware that when you press the Watch TV button, the TV and cable box power on and the remote is set to cable/sat mode, giving you full control of your cable box?

      If really want the channel and number buttons in TV mode to control your cable box, the only way to do this, would be to teach the commands from the cable box into the TV and then map the commands to the buttons in TV mode.

      The steps on how to teach a command are outlined in the following FAQ:




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