Logitech Digital Video Security Story: Why Are CarBQ’s So Darn Interesting?

Nothing brings the freeway to a complete stop like a car fire. Over the last few months, we’ve had numerous vehicle fires caught by Logitech cameras. In fact, this month’s winning customer story (from B. Justman) is a fire that breaks out in the engine of a truck while it is being worked on in an auto shop that is filled with classic cars. As you will see in the video, the quick thinking shop owner puts out the fire before it damaged the engine, truck, or spread to the other cars or building.

This month’s video contest also brought in a story from downtown Rochester, NY, in which the customer’s Logitech camera captured a dramatic car fire in front of his house: the old car stalls, the driver pulls off the main road, it starts on fire, the driver jumps out of the car and then proceeds to rescue her kids from the back. Fortunately, they all had time to get safely out of the way before fire completely consumed it.

Watching the live video from her camera ultimately saved the engine in the truck fire in this next video. In this clip, another truck is being worked on in the front yard. Without warning, the fumes ignited a tenacious engine fire and the worker’s adrenaline obviously shoots from 0 to 100 in a nano-second. Luckily, the customer was watching the whole thing happen on her Command Center (the PC software that plays the video coming from the cameras). She hopped up and quickly ran a fire extinguisher out to the workers so they could finally put out the stubborn fire.

Our last entry proves the fact that the Logitech Camera can truly explain and show you what has happened while you were away. As explained by the submitting customer from Calgary, Canada, he and his wife were on their way home from work. A fire truck and some first responder units passed them. But as they kept driving home, they realized they were following the exact route the fire trucks were going, even right up to the front of their house. At first, they were petrified that something happened to their home. But as they got right up, they discovered a burned out ATV next to the road in between their house and their neighbors. What happened to cause the fire? They drove into the house and went directly to their Command Center software to play back the recordings captured by their camera. Sure enough, the camera had captured everything: the neighbors were working on the ATV when it started on fire. They did their best to drag the burning fireball away from the cars in the driveway and out to the street. Unfortunately, this vehicle didn’t survive the ordeal.

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Chief Product Officer, WiLife