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Last week we saw a wide range of Logitech coverage. DVICE said “Logitech has done a great job with the Squeezebox Touch. Its best attribute is its 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen, every bit as good as the near-perfect gold-standard screen of the iPhone and iPad.” They also said, “once you lay your hands on the Squeezebox Touch, you’ll probably want one.” Also, according to CNET, the Logitech Speaker System Z520 is “free of clutter” and “delivers crisp sound with warm tones.”

In hopes to answer everyone’s Touch Mouse app installation questions, we posted a video walkthrough last week. Be sure to check it out!

More Logitech coverage below:


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  • Is Logitech working on a harmony remote for the Ipad? ie turning the iPad into the killer remote. With an installed base of millions and growing daily…with a store to sell a harmony app from (itunes)…it seems like an absolute no brainer…

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